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Sunday, September 25th, 2016  
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 Tomy Portable Refrigerated Centrifuge
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MX-201 / MX-301 Specifications

Specification :

Model MX-201 MX-301
Maximum Speed 16,000rpm
Maximum RCF 20,880 x g 21,130 x g
Maximum Capacity 14ml x 8 tubes 50ml x 4 tubes
Maximum Microtubes (1.5/2.2ml) 24 tubes on TMA-24 (44 degree angle) 72 tubes on TMA-300 (42 degree angle)
36 tubes on TMH-21 (Horizontal)
Motor Type Brushless Induction
Refrigerant HFC-134a
Data Entry Common Jog Dial for digital settings
Speed Control Frequency Controlled
Speed/RCF Display Digital (x100rpm/100 x g)
Setting range 300 to 16,000rpm/100 to 28,300 x g
Settings 100rpm/100 x g increments
Accel. Time Automatic (from 6 to 37 seconds)
Decel. Time Automatic (from 10 to 45 seconds with soft brake off)
Temperature Control Digital microprocessor
Display Digital, -9 to 45 degree Celsius
Setting range -9 to 35 degree Celsius
Settings 1degree Celsius increments
Time Control Digital microprocessor
Display Digital
Setting range 1 to 99 minutes, Continuous
Settings 1minutes increments
Width 345mm
Depth 465mm
Height 780mm (675mm to the chamber)
Net Weight Approx.80kgs
Shipping Weight Approx.90 to 110kgs
Power Required 120/220/230/240V 50/60Hz 15amps
Special Features Speed and RCF alternative display
Soft brake function
Flash (momentary) spins
Three memory stores
Previous setting memory
Safety Devices Door interlock
Door detector
Overspeed detector
Overheat/cool detector
Automatic rotor identification system
Electronic braking

Rotor Specifications

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MX-201 / MX-301

Rotor Specification for MX-210 / MX-301

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