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Atago Digital Refractometer RX-5000

The RX-5000 combines nozzle for connect a water bath instead of built -in thermo module. The RX-5000 is equipped with all the standard features of the RX-a series. Model RX-007α Cat.No. 3921 Measurement Range Brix 0.000 to 5.000% Refractive index (RI)1.330150 to 1.341500 Minimum Indication Brix ... more

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WTW Spectroflex 6100 and WTW Spectroflex 6600


  • 190 - 1100 nm
  • Innovative optics
  • Intuitive operating
  • Extensive AQA

The spectrophotometer of the spectroFlex series for the VIS and UV/VIS range offer the unique combination of systematic and spectral analytics with the established analytical quality assurance AQA and the convenience provided by the filiter photometer.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology all spectroFlex models convince with optimized operation handling  fast, direct and intuitive:

  • Menu navigation through all applications
  • Large graphic display, backlit
     for concise operation with menu structured processes
     graphical evaluation.
  • Direct access to functionalities via function keys for standard functions such as i. e. menu related settings, dilution, quotation mode
  • Selection tables for most convenient selection and search of data, parameters, methods etc.
  • Data filter for selective choice of measuring data sets
  • Masks for easy handling and measuring of user defined methods
  • USB for all data transfers

Systematic analysis routine measurement with test kits

Especially important for standard duties with routine measurements are rapidness, precision and comfortable data transfer. For these challenges spectroFlex offers well proven and new functionalities:

  • AutoCheck for highest precision
  • The proven combination of round and rectangular cuvette slots
  • Automatic cuvette recognition for fast and effective handling
  • Integrated barcode recognition for round and rectangular cuvettes with elimination of cuvette failures and prompt start of measuring
  • More than 150 methods for commercial test kits
  • Direct methods such as SAC, colour etc.
  • 3 parallel timer

 Analytical Quality Assurance (AQA)  From  own monitoring to larger laboratories

The instrument supported Analytical Quality Assurance has become a must for all industry branches, in order to guaranteeplausible and correct measuring results. The spectroFlex series supports the AQA for checking the instrument and individual routine measurements. The administration of user groups for larger laboratory environments including administrative, user and guest profiles is also supported. The AQA can be switched on or off.

  • Calibration intervals for instrument and test
  • PhotoCheck : Instrument check including linearity at 3 wavelengths and 4 measuring points
  • Grey filter and UV-VIS test standards
  • Standards for single parameters and combines checks
  • Matrix check with spiking

Spectral analysis  for user - defined methods, spectra and kinetics

All user specific laboratory applications and special tasks are made easy by the menu navigated instruction and various additional functions:

  • 100 user-defined methods
    Via selection tables linear and non-linear applications can be measured, supported by the AQA (over pairs of variates or functions)
  • Spectra:
    Over a definable wavelength area with graphical evaluation
  • Multi-wavelength measurement:
    Up to 4 different wavelengths
  • Kinetics:
    With a maximum or free selectable number of measurements
    Time interval and start delay are adjustable

The settings can be stored in 20 profiles each and recalled when required. The storage capacity of 4 MB can store aprox. 100 spectra of 300 “ 900 nm and 400 kinetics sets with each of 150 measuring values.

Data management with USB via cable or stick

spectroFlex is equipped with 3 interfaces: USB-A for printer, barcode reader, USB stick, USB-B for PC connection and a RS 232 interace. Therefore, the data transfer via USB stick or cable is extremely comfortable both ways:

  • Measurement data sets
  • Spectra and kinetics data
  • Software updates
  • Methode updates

The data can be transferred to a PC and printer or via USB hub into a larger environment. Also sample identification numbers can be read by connecting an external barcode reader. An optional software for easy data processing is available for the PC.

spectroFlexen - route  mobileoperation

A spectrophotometer™s regular operation place is the laboratory, although it can be quite practical at some times, when an instrument can also be operated on-site at a measuring station. The light-weight and easy to handle spectroFlex models enable this mobile operation. Most important is a careful transportation, a protected measuring venue and an especially good measuring preparation regarding heating period and zeroing after transportation! Besides the transportation case, the accessories include a 12 V adapter cable for a common car storage battery.


Model spectroFlex 6100 (VIS) spectroFlex 6600 (UV/VIS)
Wavelength range 320 - 1100 nm 190- 1100 nm
Technique Single Beam with AutoCheck
Lamp Tungsten Xenon Flashlamp
Wavelength resolution /accuracy 1nm; ± 1nm
Scan speed Approx. 334 nm/min resp. 5.6 nm/sec Approx. 455 nm/min resp. 7.6 nm/sec
Band width 4 nm  
Test recognition Automatic test recognition via barcode for all cuvette types with automatic measurement start
Absorbance range -3.3 ¦+3.3 Abs
Photometric resolution 0.5% of measurement value or 0.005 Abs at Extinction 2
Photom. reproducibility ± 0.002 E @ 1 E (or better)
Photometric accuracy 0.003 E for E < 0.600 E
0.5% or value or 0.600 E - 2.000 E
Photometric linearity < 1% up to 2.000 A at 340 - 900 nm
Stray light < 0.1% at 340 and 408 nm
Cuvette recognition Automatically for all cuvette types: round 16 mm, 10, 20, 50 mm w/o adapter
Measurement modes Concentration, Absorbance, Transmission, Kinetics and Spectra with Absorbance,%Transmission, Multi-Wavelength measurement
Display Graphical display with backlite for enhanced graphical evaluation of data
Storage 1000 measurement values; spectra and kinetics approx. 4 MB => 100 spectra (300  900 nm) and 400 kinetics with 150 values
Methods and profiles More than 200 methods (Q4/2008), 100 user defined methods, 20 profiles each for kineticsand absorption spectra
Update Via internet with PC, USB stick
Interfaces 1 USB-A for USB stick, printer, barcode reader, 1 USB-B for PC, 1 RS 232 for serial connection of printer/PC
Approvals cETLus (= UL), CE
Protection class IP 30 and protecting rinse for optical slot
Power supply Universal plug
Temperature range Use between +50 °F and +95 °F (+10 °C and +35 °C, )storage: -13 °F up to +149 °F (-25 °C up to +65 °C)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 15.9 x 7.8 x 12.4 in. (404 x 197 x 314 mm)
Weight Approx. 9.9 lb (4.5 kg without plug-in power supply)
Accessories PC software for easy data evaluation (Q2/2008), cable for portable car battery (12 V) ,transportation case

 Ordering Information

Model   Order No.
spectroFlex 6100 Spectrophotometer (VIS) for spectral and routine analysis in the range of 320 - 1100 nm 250 201
spectroFlex 6600 Spectrophotometer (UV/VIS) for spectral and routine analysis in the range of 190 - 1100 nm 250 202
SFdata PC software for easy data evaluation (spectroFlex) 902 761
FC spectroFlex Field case for spectroFlex series 250 212
ADA 12V 12 V car adapter cable for operation of spectroFlex 902 760
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