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Thursday, March 21st, 2019  
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OxiTop® Control 6, OxiTop® Control 12

BOD Self-check measurement - for larger number of samples

Controller-driven Simultaneous measurement of up to 100 samples Statistical evaluation Automatic sample ID Complete package for 6 or 12 measuring places OxiTop® Control is the logical further ... more

 Tomy Refrigerated Bench-top Microcentrifuge
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TX-160 Specifications

Specifications :

Maximum Speed 16,000rpm
Maximum RCF 21,130G
Maximum Volume 50ml x 4
Motor Type Brushless Induction
Speed Control Frequency Controlled
Speed Display Digital( x 100rpm)
Speed Range 300 to 16,000rpm
Speed Settings 100rpm increments
Temp. Control Electronic
Temp. Display Digital
Temp. Range -9 to 40degree Celsius
Temp. Settings 1degree Celsius increments
Refrigerant HFC(134a)
Time Control Digital Microprocessor
Time Display Digital
Time Range 0 to 9hours 59minutes, Free, Flash
Time settings 1 minute increments
Dimensions of Main Unit 400W x 650D x 480H mm
Net Weight of Main Unit 85Kg
Power Requirement a)AC110/120V,15A,50/60Hz

Rotor Specifications

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Rotor Specifications

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