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Saturday, January 19th, 2019  
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Precision balances PS/C1

Balances series PS are equipped with 12 key front panel and LCD backlit display. Pan dimension is this series is 195195 or 128128 mm with a glass shield over the weighing pan which protects the load against possible breeze. Each balance has RS 232 and additional display outputs as standard. GLP procedure ... more

 Tomy Refrigerated Bench-top Microcentrifuge
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TX-160 Specifications

Specifications :

Maximum Speed 16,000rpm
Maximum RCF 21,130G
Maximum Volume 50ml x 4
Motor Type Brushless Induction
Speed Control Frequency Controlled
Speed Display Digital( x 100rpm)
Speed Range 300 to 16,000rpm
Speed Settings 100rpm increments
Temp. Control Electronic
Temp. Display Digital
Temp. Range -9 to 40degree Celsius
Temp. Settings 1degree Celsius increments
Refrigerant HFC(134a)
Time Control Digital Microprocessor
Time Display Digital
Time Range 0 to 9hours 59minutes, Free, Flash
Time settings 1 minute increments
Dimensions of Main Unit 400W x 650D x 480H mm
Net Weight of Main Unit 85Kg
Power Requirement a)AC110/120V,15A,50/60Hz

Rotor Specifications

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NEW ... MicroTwin Refrigerated Bechtop Microcentrifuge

Rotor Specifications

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