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Friday, January 18th, 2019  
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 Tomy Refrigerated Bench-top Microcentrifuge
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Maximum Speed 16,000rpm, Maximum RCF : 21,130G, Maximum Volume 50ml x 4

The TX-160 Refrigerated Bench Top Microcentrifuge provides high-speed performance and effective refrigeration with all the quality and features you expect from a TOMY. With the TX-160 you can attain forces of 21,000G and maintain temperatures at 4degree Celsius or lower - even for your longer runs.

The powerful brushless motor provides whisper-quiet and maintenance-free operation as well as rapid acceleration and braking times with selected rotors. The TX-160 also accepts new rotors for tubes ranging in size from microtubes to 50 ml conical tubes, giving you more flexibility in a microcentrifuge than ever before

The TX-160 High-Speed Microcentrifuge is a refrigerated model for the bench top. This model incorporates temperature control, speed and capacity - making it ideal for your work in molecular biology. The TX-160 features a digital control pane with three memory stores for your most commonly used settings and a Flash function for momentary spins. A Soft Brake function prevents unable pellets from resuspending on deceleration.

The control panel also features a common Jog Dial that combines the ease of analog controls with the accuracy of digital microprocessors. This technology allows you t change settings rapidly without having to push or hold buttons excessively. Simply choose TEMP, SPEED, or TIME and turn the Dial until you reach the desired setting.

A rear mounted, CFC-Free refrigeration system provides excellent temperature control. This design also reduces the profile of the centrifuge and there for better uses the bench top area. The TX-160 is driven by a maintenance-free brushless motor that provides whisper-quiet and clean operation. It accepts a wide variety of rotors including a 24 place-fixed angle rotor (TMA-24) and a rotor that accepts both 15 and 50 ml conical tubes (TMA-27). This powerful drive system accelerates rotors to 15,000 rpm in anywhere from 6 to 60 seconds, depending on the rotor.

The Automatic Rotor Identification system detects each rotor, then limits the maximum speed and acceleration rates automatically. This feature provides optimum stability and safety. Another feature of the TX-160 is the Dual interlocking lid. This lid system prevents entry to the rotor chamber but is spring loaded so that it releases with one hand.

The TX-160 Chamber is constructed of high-grade stainless steel that resists corrosion from moisture and chemical exposure.


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