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Tuesday, July 07th, 2020  
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Optima Series ; Baths, circulators, thermostats

Simple to use and easy to choose. Knowing the temperature range, degree of precision required and the size of tank needed is the starting point. Grant’s Optima™ series of modular thermostatic controllers, baths and circulators makes it simple to arrive at the perfect solution. Just follow the three easy steps… 1. ... more

 Digital Refractometers ATAGO
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Atago Automatic Digital Refractometer RX-5000α-Plus

The NEW RX-5000α (alpha)–Plus features improved accuracy over the RX-5000α–Plus, with Brix ±0.01 and nD ±0.00002. The RX-5000α–Plus is an automatic digital refractometer which can set measurement temperature internally and has the following features for measuring the refractive index, Brix or concentration of various liquids accurately and speedily

• Since the RX-5000α–Plus has a thermo-module to control temperature, a constant temperature water bath is not necessary
• The measurement starts automatically after the sample reaches your targeted temperature. • The refractive index and Brix at your targeted temperature are speedily displayed
• High Brix ± 0.01% and refractive index ± 0.00002 accuracy can be obtained
• The RX-5000α–Plus displays the top-and-bottom-limit-bar for your set control range
• If the measurement value differs from that of your Standard Liquid or the other refractometer, it can be adjusted in a certain range
• 60 kinds of user scales can be input according to your sample
• The RX-5000α–Plus is capable of calling up 30 latest measurements





Measurement Range

Refractive index (nD) : 1.32700 to 1.58000
Brix : 0.00 to 100.00%
( 5 to 60°C ATC)

Minimum indication

Refractive index (nD) : 0.00001
Brix : 0.01%
Temperature: 0.01°C

Measurement Accuracy

Refractive index (nD) :
Brix : ±0.01%

Measurement Temperature

5 to 60°C


Refractive index : ±0.00001 Brix : ±0.01%

Power Supply

AC100V to 240V, 50/60Hz


3 types

Dimensions & weight

37×26×14cm, 6.4kg
(Main Unit only)

Power consumption


Output terminals

• Printer (for ATAGO digital printers)
• Computer - RS-232C
Connection to a USB port requires a USB to RS-232 adapter (optional)


• Digital Printer DP-RX : Cat.No.3121
• Digital Printer DP-RD : Cat.No.3122
• Volatile sample adapter for RX-5000α : RE-56151
• Flow cell attachment for RX-5000α : RE-56156
• 10% Sucrose (±0.01%) : RE-111001
• 30% Sucrose (±0.01%) : RE-113001
• 50% Sucrose (±0.02%) : RE-115002
* Calibration Certificate : Contact an ATAGO representative for details.


• Cover plate for RX-5000α : RE-6532
• Printer paper (regular) for DP-62α, DP-RX : RE-8412
• Printer paper (long-term storage)for DP-62α, DP-RX : RE-8414
• Printer paper for DP-RD : RE-89403
• Ribbon cassette for DP-RD : RE-89402
• Fan Filter Replacement : RE-58001

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