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Saturday, January 19th, 2019  
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 Tinius Olsen Impact System
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Instrumented Impact

Instrumented Impact Test System for Pendulum-Type Instruments

Highly accurate and easy to use way to determine actual energy needed to initiate fracture of plastic and metallic material.

  • Innovative strain gage design for extremely accurate response measurement with NO correction factor
  • A maximum of 19,000 data acquisition points for accurate determination of the characteristic load, deflection and energy data. Time scale is adjustable from 20 microseconds to 20 seconds.
  • Windows 98 based Charpy V2.1 software for easy test set-up, data acquisition, and report generation.

Tinius Olsen's Instrumented Charpy Impact System innovative design features a high-speed system response that can accurately capture high-speed events such as the inertial rise during initial impact and brittle fracture. There are no electronic filters, which distort the actual load-time relationship. There is no need to enter large correction factors (measured force multipliers) to bring the integrated energy into agreement with the total absorbed energy as measured by the digital indicating system. Overall operational safety and testing efficiency is greatly increased by the elimination of optical triggers.

Designed for use with impact testers equipped with the Model 892 Digital Display

Instrumented impact system for impact testing of metals and or plastics; includes: (1) strain gaged striker for Charpy or Izod testing (customer choice); (1) TO/MPM Data Acquisition System consisting of a power supply/signal amplifier; (1) protective storage case for amplifier; (1) oscilloscope card for PC; (1) licensed copy of data acquisition and analysis software; and (1) set of cables required to install the system.

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Models IT406 and IT542
Model IT504 Impact Tester for Plastics
Model 84 Pendulum Impact Tester

Model IT503 Impact Tester
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