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Sunday, May 26th, 2019  
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Minimum capacity: 1.5 kg / 0.5 g Maximum capacity: 60 kg / 20 g Platform size: 250 x 300 mm & 410 x 410 mm LCD ... more

 Tinius Olsen High Force
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Building on our long history of providing solutions to an enormous variety of testing problems, Tinius Olsen offers a comprehensive range of software products, each designed to make testing simple, precise and efficient, no matter whether the material is metal, paper, composite, polymer, rubber, textile or micro components.

Tinius Olsen software goes far beyond basic module changes for unique applications; instead, specific and focused application software products have been developed in close cooperation with our customers around the world. There are several valuable features that are common to all, perhaps the most important is the ability to further customize the testing parameters that are used to collect and document testing data, as well as control the testing machine. Specifically, our range of application software is for data acquisition, data analysis and also closed loop control of Tinius Olsen testing machines that have a compatible servo system or fourquadrant drive.

All versions of our focused application software are rich with standard features that improve productivity and enable you to build, access and use a powerful materials testing database :

  • Use of modern databases.

  • Generation of user customized reports.

  • Standard SPC programs for X-bar, R and frequency distributions/histograms.

  • Ability to recall, replot and rescale curves.

  • Recall of data that spans different test modules.

  • User-configurable machine parameter and control settings.

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