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 Taber Linear Abraser
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TABER® Linear Abraser - Model 5700

offers the greatest versatility of any Taber instrument available.

Designed to test virtually any size or shape specimen, the Linear Abraser is ideal for material properties of contoured surfaces and finished products. Initially developed to evaluate wear resistance, this instrument can also be used to evaluate scratch resistance (single or multiple pass), and color transfer [commonly referred to as crocking or a crockmeter]. Plus, with the universal or a custom attachment, 'real world' testing and other forms of material durability can be performed. The Linear Abraser can be used for both wet and dry testing.

A precision bearing on the spline shaft creates a "free-floating head". As the arm strokes in a linear motion, this "free-floating head" follows the contours of the specimen - curved or flat. To enable you to simulate real world conditions, test parameters can be altered so optimal settings for each material can be established. The Taber® Linear Abraser allows you to select stroke length, speed, and load.

Testing versatility is achieved with interchangeable attachments. The collet assembly comes standard with each Linear Abraser, and is used for wear testing. Other attachments, which are sold separately include:

  • Scratch Kit - perform single or multiple pass scratch testing
  • Crockmeter Kit - perform color transfer or rub testing
  • Coin Holder Attachment - perform coin scrape testing
  • Universal Kit - perform 'real world' testing by attaching virtually anything to this attachment and abrade against your specimen (or visa-versa)

If you have a unique application, Taber has the ability to manufacture or develop custom attachments.

For convenience, the Linear Abraser includes two (2) operating modes, RUN and REFACE. During normal testing, the mode should be set to RUN. The REFACE mode is provided for wear testing, and allows the user to reface the abradant without having to reprogram the number of cycles.

The Linear Abraser is CE Marked, and is 115V/230V switchable.


Five (5) Operating Stroke Lengths

  • standard lengths 0.5", 1", 2" 3" and 4"
  • custom stroke lengths available upon request

Five (5) Operating Speeds

  • standard speeds 2, 15, 25, 40 and 60 cycles per minute

 Programmable Test Duration

  • program counter up to 999,999 cycles (note - abradant may wear prior to end of test)
  • two modes for standard tests or refacing
  • backlit display adds in viewing

Adjustable Load

  • standard range from 350g to 1,100g (in 250g increments)
  • accessory weight discs available in 50g, 75g, 100g, 150g and 250g increments
  • optional spline shafts expand testing flexibility and permit total loads from 60g to 2600g


  • CS-10 Calibrase® and H-18 Calibrade® Wearasers™ are included
  • wide selection of abradants, made from the world famous abrasive materials found in Taber wheels (CS-10F, CS-10, CS-17, H-18, H-22)
  • custom abradants available
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