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Wednesday, June 26th, 2019  
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 Taber Scrub Abrasion
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Scrub Abrasion Tester

This tester reciprocates an abrasive force linearly over the specimen and is designed to test resistance to abrasion caused by a brush, sponge, abrasive pad or other means. Can be used for either wet or dry testing.

The Scrub Abrasion Tester was designed to simulate wear damage caused by everyday use. This method is useful for testing interior paints, wall coverings, carpets, floor tiles, polishes, bath tubs, shower stalls and furniture. The instrument can also be used to test efficiencies of detergents or cleansers and/or test the durability of a cleaning device (i.e. sponge).

The tester reciprocates an abrasive force linearly over the sample. The drive mechanism consists of a gearhead motor driving the motor drive pulley gear. The rotary motion of this gear drives a smaller gear, the chain drive pulley, using a timing belt. The smaller gear drives a set of sprockets and continuous loop mechanism. The cable pair ends are attached to the virtual center of the chain, transforming the rotary motion of the chain into the reciprocating linear motion.

  • Reciprocating linear motion at 37.0 1 cycles per minute with a constant speed over a 10 inch travel
  • Utilizes a brush, sponge, abrasive pad or paper to simulate real life situations
  • Enclosed electrical and mechanical components permit dry or wet testing
  • Preset count-down counter with automatic shut-off and standard cycle counter provided for versatile testing
  • Heavy-duty drive system allows for easy maintenance and a long-life

Available in 115V, 60Hz [part# 128118]

A full line of accessories and a 230V 50Hz version are also available

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