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Tuesday, January 16th, 2018  
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 Clinical Refractometer ATAGO
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Digital Urine Specific Gravity Refractometer UG-α (alpha)

This new Digital Urine Specific Gravity Refractometer UG-α (alpha) is an upgraded version of the late UG-1. The minimum scale indication has been improved to display up to the forth decimal.
After pressing the START key, with the sample placed on the prism, the measurement values will be displayed on the LCD streaming as an electric message board. The body and the display's frame colors has been renewed too.

Model UG-α (alpha) Cat.No. 3464
Scale Range Urine S.G. scale 1.0000 to 1.0600 Minimum Indication Urine S.G. scale 0.0001
Measurement accuracy Urine S.G. scale ±0.0010 Measurement Temperature 10 to 35°C
Ambient Temperature 10 to 35°C Dimention & Weight 17×9×4cm, 300g (Main Unit only)
Power Supply 006P Dry battery ( 9V )    


Indicatory example

Urine S.G. 1.0356
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