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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018  
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GR150 R High performance refrigerated bath

  The Grant Optima™ GR150 series of digitally controlled refrigerated baths and re-circulators provides outstanding performance for routine and sophisticated applications requiring accurate temperature control in the range of -47 to 100°C. Grant GR150 series refrigerated systems combine the powerful and ... more

 Stirred Thermostatic Bath & Circulator
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The accessories


Between 60șC and 100șC and below room temperature a lid or layers of polypropylene spheres should be used. Above 100șC a lid must be used. Lids help to reduce evaporation and heat loss, and to avoid contamination of samples. Hinged lids can be opened to a stable, vertical position, or lifted off completely.

Bath P5 P12 P18 S5 S12 S18 S26 S38
Suitable lid PL5 PL12 PL18 FG5 LG12 LG26 LG26 LG38
Type of lid flat curved curved flat gabled, hinged gabled, hinged gabled, hinged gabled, hinged
Material stainless plastic plastic stainless stainless stainless stainless stainless

Polypropylene spheres

Polypropylene spheres are an alternative to lids for temperatures up to 100șC, allowing easy access to vessels in the bath, and are particularly useful for tall vessels.

Bath S5, P5  S12, P12 S18, P18 S26  S38
Spheres required 1 x PS20 1 x PS20 2 x PS20 2 x PS20 3 x PS20

Rack systems

Our range of robust, stainless steel racks enable you to make the best use of the available bath capacity.

Bath  Racks per bath Test tube Tubes per rack Microfuge tubes Tubes per rack
S5,P5 1 x QR Tube size VR QR  Tube size VR QR
S12, P12 2 x VR 10-13 mm 65 30 0.5 ml  102 44
S18, P18 4 x VR 16-19 mm 36 16 1.5 ml 75 35
S26 4 x VR 24 mm 23 10      
S38 6 x VR 30 mm 14 5      

Raised shelves

Raised shelves reduce the effective liquid depth to allow shallow vessels to be placed in the baths. The effective liquid depth may be between 0 and 90 mm in 12 or 18 litre baths, and between 0 and 50 mm or 85 and 135 mm in 26 and 38 litre baths.

Bath P12,S12  P18,S18 S26 S38
Suitable raised shelf RS14 RS22 RS28 RS38 or RS28

Accessory cooling systems

Cooling systems allow thermostatic baths, circulators and immersion thermostats to operate at or below room temperature, by means of a coil dipped into the bath. The coil is made of nickel-plated copper, and is designed to fit in the bath such that it doesn’t impinge on the working area (except S5).

CG refrigerated immersion coolers: consist of a cooling coil connected by a flexible pipe to a refrigeration unit, which is housed in an outer case; immersion coolers extract heat continuously, with temperature control carried out by the bath’s control unit.

CW5 heat exchange coil: is designed to be attached to a supply of cooling tap water, or a refrigerated circulator.

  C1G C2G CW5
Temperature range șC 0 to 40* -20 to 40* 2șC above coolant temperature
Min. temp. with S series tanks șC 0 S26, S38: -15 2șC above coolant temperature
Cooling power @20șC W 350 400 n/a
@0șC W 110 320 n/a
@-10șC W n/a 170 n/a
Overall consumption VA 300  500 n/a
Dimensions d/w/h mm 460/305/225 460/305/225  
Flexible pipe l mm 925 925  
Coil dia/l mm 77/55 77/105 77/55
Pipe bore inlet/outlet mm - - 7
Electrical supply  220-240V 50Hz 220-240V 50Hz n/a

* Note: The cooling coil may be continuously immersed in liquids up to 100șC with the cooler switched off, and may be used to cool liquid down from 100șC, but it is not designed for continuous operation above 40șC.

External probe

For use with GR150 and GP200, for remote temperature control. FF17 flexible nylon probe has a very fast response; 100mm long, 4.5mm dia. LL17 robust stainless steel probe, slower response; 125mm long, 5mm dia. Fitted with two metres of cable. Special probes can be supplied for use in corrosive liquids.

Remote switching device

The RSD remote switching device can be used by the GR150 and GP200 models to control, by switching on and off, any mains powered appliance (up to a maximum of 8 Amps). This can be programmed on the GR150 and GP200 controllers under the alarms - relay section of the Navigator control menu, or alternatively with Labwise software. The GR150 can control one relay and the GP200 can control two. A separate RSD is required for each relay on the GP200.

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