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Friday, February 23rd, 2018  
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HED High Temperature Bath/Circulator

HED high temperature bath/circulators are designed to provide stable, uniform temperature control for high temperature applications.

50 to 260C operation

Stability 0.5C, uniformity 0.25C

  • Good long-term temperature stability and uniformity are provided by a combination of the electronic control system and the proven Grant circulation system

Microprocessor controller
Features include :

  • Digital temperature setting and display
  • High and low alarms
  • Controlled heating rate, setting resolution 0.1C/minute
  • Timed or continuous operation; timer setting resolution 1 minute, maximum timed period 9999 minutes

Sizes: 10 and 30 litres


  • Each bath consists of a heavily insulated stainless steel tank housed in a stove-enamelled outer case, with a control unit mounted over one end of the bath from which heater, stirrer and temperature sensors project down into the bath; a circulation tray enhances the performance, and an insulated flat lid is supplied for maximum user safety

Accessory pump for external circulation

  • HQ pumps are designed for circulating temperature controlled liquid around external apparatus.
  • For circulation through closed systems only

Design features

  • HED bath/circulators are specially designed for use with high temperature liquids; to avoid local overheating and rapid deterioration of the liquid, the stirrer is very powerful and the heater has a very large surface area, to prevent localised overheating of the oil.
  • The control unit is raised to allow for a cooling airflow above the tank
  • Exposed or immersed parts are made from stainless steel, nickel-plated copper or appropriate plastics, to minimise the risks of corrosion
  • HED bath/circulators are robust and reliable, for long-term durability


  • Adjustable overtemperature cut-out
  • Float switch for low liquid level protection
Accessory HQ pump for external circulation
  • Separate drive motor, so there is no need to switch the pump on until the required operating temperature has been reached and the viscosity of the liquid is low enough for pumping
  • Lid-mounted for convenient fitting and use
  • Flow and return fittings are suitable for temporary or permanent connection (using 9mm internal diameter pipe)
HE10D HQ10 (takes the place of a normal lid)
HE30D HQ30 (takes the place of half of the normal two-part lid)

Specifications : HED high temperature bath/circulators

Temperature range 50 to 260C
Stability (DIN58966) at 150C 0.251C
Uniformity at 150C 0.21C
Display LED
Display resolution 1C
Tank capacity L 10 30
Tank dimensions l/w/d mm 305/210/185 455/305/240
Top opening l/w mm 190/210 350/305
Liquid depth min/max mm 100/140 145/190
Height to tank rim mm 265 320
Overall dimensions l/w/d mm 415/320/400 565/415/455
Safety temp. adjustable cut-out
level float switch
Accessory pump performance*) max. head 1.6 m
max. flow 6 L/min
pipe bore 7.5 mm
Electrical power 230V 50/60 Hz 1.2 kW 2.3 kW
115V 50/60 Hz 1.2 kW 1.6 kW
EMC emissions Class A

*)using silicone oil @ 150C

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