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Saturday, January 19th, 2019  
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PV-1 Vortex Mixer

Ideally sized for personal use, the Grant-bio PV-1 vortex mixer is compact, with a low profile and small footprint, to sit in almost any location. The PV-1 is so small that it will fit in your hand - yet there is no compromise on performance. The reliable motor produces regulated and ... more

 Dry Box Heating Systems
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QBT digital block heater

Ambient +5 to 150C operation

  • Wide temperature range for flexibility of application: cost saving; one unit can be used for a number of applications - no need to buy several units

Stability 0.1C, uniformity 0.1C

  • Precisely controlled conditions for temperature sensitive applications
  • All samples undergo similar conditions, for confidence that stringent quality control requirements are meet

Digital setting and display :

  • Ensure accuracy and reproducibility of set temperature, for precise repeatability of procedures
  • Constant display of block temperature for at-a-glance assurance that the equipment is functioning correctly
  • 3-digit LED display - clearly visible from a distance

Fast heat up rate

Interchangeable blocks: 1, 2 or 4

  • Choice of models available to accomodate 1, 2 or 4 aluminium block per unit
  • Choice of blocks available to suit a wide range of tube sizes

Design features

  • A recessed control panel protects the controls

User protection

  • The outer case remains cool during high temperature operation
  • Supplied with an extraction tool, allowing blocks to be removed easily and safely even when hot and loaded with tubes
  • Recessed blocks and a hot plate warning help to prevent accidents
  • Optional safety cover prevents anyone accidentally touching a hot block and protects against splashing


  • User-resettable adjustable overtemperature cut-out

Specifications :

Temperature Range ambient +5 to 150 oC
Temperature setting range 15 to 150 oC
Stability @ 37 oC 0.1
Uniformity -
with in the block @ 37 oC 0.1
Accross similiar blocks @ 37 oC 0.2
Heat up ambient to Max 40 mins
Temperature display LED
Display Resolutions 1 oC
External Dimensions (w/h) 205/122 mm
QBT 1, 2, 4 ( l ) 180mm, 230mm, 330 mm
Safety overtemperature adjustable cut out
Electrical Power QBT 1, 2, 4 150 W, 300 W, 600 W. 230-240V 50/60 Hz AC, 110-120V 50/60 Hz AC
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