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ESCO Ergonomic Accessories

Esco's products are not just "cabinets" but "workstations" where people may spend most of their working day at. As such, all of our products have been designed for ergonomics to maximize user comfort and minimize fatigue. The following ergonomic accessories are also available at an option to enhance your experience ... more

 Dry Box Heating Systems
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QBT digital block heater

Ambient +5 to 150C operation

  • Wide temperature range for flexibility of application: cost saving; one unit can be used for a number of applications - no need to buy several units

Stability 0.1C, uniformity 0.1C

  • Precisely controlled conditions for temperature sensitive applications
  • All samples undergo similar conditions, for confidence that stringent quality control requirements are meet

Digital setting and display :

  • Ensure accuracy and reproducibility of set temperature, for precise repeatability of procedures
  • Constant display of block temperature for at-a-glance assurance that the equipment is functioning correctly
  • 3-digit LED display - clearly visible from a distance

Fast heat up rate

Interchangeable blocks: 1, 2 or 4

  • Choice of models available to accomodate 1, 2 or 4 aluminium block per unit
  • Choice of blocks available to suit a wide range of tube sizes

Design features

  • A recessed control panel protects the controls

User protection

  • The outer case remains cool during high temperature operation
  • Supplied with an extraction tool, allowing blocks to be removed easily and safely even when hot and loaded with tubes
  • Recessed blocks and a hot plate warning help to prevent accidents
  • Optional safety cover prevents anyone accidentally touching a hot block and protects against splashing


  • User-resettable adjustable overtemperature cut-out

Specifications :

Temperature Range ambient +5 to 150 oC
Temperature setting range 15 to 150 oC
Stability @ 37 oC 0.1
Uniformity -
with in the block @ 37 oC 0.1
Accross similiar blocks @ 37 oC 0.2
Heat up ambient to Max 40 mins
Temperature display LED
Display Resolutions 1 oC
External Dimensions (w/h) 205/122 mm
QBT 1, 2, 4 ( l ) 180mm, 230mm, 330 mm
Safety overtemperature adjustable cut out
Electrical Power QBT 1, 2, 4 150 W, 300 W, 600 W. 230-240V 50/60 Hz AC, 110-120V 50/60 Hz AC
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