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Friday, February 22nd, 2019  
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PHMT Microtubes Thermoshaker

The Grant-bio PHMT is a compact benchtop shaking incubator, ideal for all applications requiring heating and shaking in microcentrifuge tubes, within the temperature range of ambient + 5 to 100°C. Combining the mixing operation with the incubation phase produces multiple benefits: reaction process times are reduced; ... more

 Ultrasonic Bath
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XB & MXB Ultrasonic Bath

With two alternative series of ultrasonic baths, Grant offers the solution to all application needs. The MXBs feature microprocessor control to facilitate digital setting and display of temperature and time.


XB and MXB baths are ideal for:
- Laboratory cleaning
- De-gassing
- Sonochemistry
- Sample dissolution

They can also be used in a wide range of other areas including:
- Medical
- Optical
- Dental
- Industrial

Temperature controlled operation

  • MXB series: temperature setting range 5°C above ambient to 80°C

Timed operation

  • MXB series sonics continuous or timed, from 0.1 to 99.9 minutes

High performance

  • High power industrial piezoelectric transducers guarantee efficient operation
  • Transducers are mounted in the optimum configuration to ensure that ultrasonic power is transmitted evenly throughout the tank, for consistent ultrasonic action in all parts of even the largest bath
  • Sophisticated feedback circuit matches operating power to tank load, ensuring peak efficiency at all times

Sizes: XB2, XB3, MXB6, MXB14 and MXB22 litres

Design features

  • Baths are designed to be placed 'end-on' rather than 'sideways' on the bench for convenient access and observation, and for efficient utilisation of bench space
  • MXB14 and MXB22 litre baths have a drain for easy emptying
  • A recessed control panel protects the controls from water spillage and accidental alteration
  • Quiet operation maintains a peaceful working environment
  • XB and MXB ultrasonic baths are robust and reliable, designed to stand up to everyday wear and tear


  • MXB6, MXB14 and MXB22 litre baths have a fixed resettable overtemperature cut-out

Ultrasonic - ultra-efficient

  • Piezoelectric transducers emit continuous alternating pressure through the liquid in the bath. The waves of high and low pressure cause bubbles to form, to increase in size and then to collapse violently. This process, called cavitation, acts on any object placed in the bath.
  • The gentle scrubbing action provides consistently quick and thorough cleaning. Cavitation works wherever an object is in contact with the liquid, cleaning even the most intricate and fragile objects inside and out. Ultrasonic cleaning gives a high standard of cleanliness in a fraction of the time required by conventional cleaning methods. It is also safer than manual cleaning if there is any danger of contamination or infection.
  • Ultrasonic action is also used to de-gas liquids before use in chromatography, to prevent cavitation in high pressure pumps, and to modify reactions in sonochemistry, such as inducing rapid crystallisation of materials.


  XB2 XB3 MXB6 MXB14 MXB22
Tank capacity litres 1 2 6 14 22
Transducers 1 2 3 4 6
Generators   1 2
Power RMS W 63 75 89 162 238
  peak W 125 150 180 325 475
Timer mins   - - 0.1 to 99.9 mins, continuous
Typical noise level ALeq1 dB < 65 < 68 < 70 < 72
Temperature range °C - - ambient +5 to 80°C
Heater power 240V W - - 200 600 800
  115V W - - 46 138 184
Working volume  
  - length x width mm 149 x 135 235 x 135 150 x 300 325 x 300 505 x 300
  - depth mm 100 140
Drain facility  no yes
Overall dimensions  
  - length mm 170 265 205 380 555
  - width x depth mm 162 x 250 325 x 310
Electrical power 220-240V W 60 90 300 800 1100
50 - 60Hz 50Hz
  110-120V W 60 90 150 340 500
50 - 60Hz 60Hz
1 - measured one metre from equipment
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