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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018  
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Peak 1985 Steinheil System Magnifier

The magnifier of the Steinheil type is composed of a biconvex lens with strong curvatures made of crown glass and two negative meniscus lenses of flint glass cemented on both sides of the central positive component. These magnifiers of various magnifying powers have been long and widely used for preliminary ... more

 Applications-Specific Equipment
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Automatic copenhagen bath for seed germination tests

The CT/FH60 Automatic Copenhagen seed-testing bath provides the conditions for seed-testing specified in Section 5.5.2.A of the ISTA International Rules (1996).

The Copenhagen bath cycles between two temperatures according to a programme set on the integral timer. The bath holds 60 samples pads, 5 on each of 12 glass plates. Temperature controlled water is pumped from the FH60 circulator, through the CT60 stainless steel tank, to maintain the sample pads at the correct temperature.

The water temperature is regulated from a temperature probe on one of the pads. The controller has individual temperature setting dials for low and high phase temperatures, a timer and a refrigeration switch. The temperature setting range is 5 to 55C. Cooling is required to bring the temperature down from 30C to 20C, and may also be required continuously if the ambient temperature is within 2C of the operating temperature. Rapid cooling is provided either by an accessory refrigerated cooler, FC25G, or by passing mains water through a heat exchanger inside the circulator.

The 24 hour adjustable timer controls the switching between the low and high phase temperatures; it also controls the solenoid valve for the flow of cooling water, or switches on the accessory refrigerated cooler, whichever is applicable. The refrigeration switch allows continuous or timed refrigerated cooling; the duration of the timed cooling is set on an internal adjustable timer.

System components

  • FH60 circulator
  • External probe
  • 15mm bore tubing, 6mm length*
  • CT60 tank
  • Three way drain tap


Temperature range with FC25G C 10 to 50
Temperature range, water cooling C Ambient plus 2 to 50
Heater power FH60 750 W
Cooling power FC25G @ 20C 450 W
Dimensions CT60 tank l/w/h 1220/500/65 mm
SF60 support frame l/w/h 1220/500/812 mm
GP60 glass plates l/w/h 495/90/6 mm
Overtemperature protection Adjustable resettable cut-out
Electrical power FH60/FC25G 1.2 kW, 220-240V 50 Hz


  • GP60 glass plates, 12 off, each plate holds 5 sample pads
  • Additional tubing, as required*

*Tubing is supplied for flow and return connections between the FH60 circulator and CT60 tank. Tubing for the cooling water supply and drain, and for draining the tank is not supplied by Grant, as the length and size will depend on the position and type of fittings in the building.

Accessories (non-essential)

  • SF60 support frame
  • FC25G refrigerated cooler
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