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 Applications-Specific Equipment
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Transportable Incubator

The TRANS INC Transportable incubator is designed to transport biological samples at 37C. The equipment is ideal for applications requiring portable temperature control within the range (ambient +5C) to 45C.

Simply plug the incubator into the mains electrical power supply with the detachable mains lead supplied, set the temperature you require and allow the unit to heat up. The standard temperature for most applications is 37C; it takes about sixty minutes for the unit to reach 37C. Once the required temperature has been reached, and the incubator is disconnected from the mains power supply, the internal battery power will maintain the temperature for several hours. A temperature of 37C will be maintained for up to five hours in an ambient of 20C with a fully charged battery. It is ideal for use in transport applications, where samples need to be transported in a temperature controlled environment. A lead for connection to a vehicle cigar lighter socket is supplied, allowing transportation over longer timescales, if this is required.

Convenient and efficient

  • Dry heating ensures a clean environment, with less chance of contamination

  • Easily carried and spill-proof - ideal for carrying vessels from place to place

  • Designed to take up as little space as possible

  • The Grant transportable incubator is robust and reliable, to stand up to everyday wear and tear

Ambient +5 to 45C operation

Stability within the tube 0.1C, uniformity 0.2C

  • Precisely controlled conditions for consistent, long-term temperature control

  • All samples undergo similar conditions

Digital setting and display

  • Ensure accuracy and reproducibility of set temperature, for precise repeatability of procedures

  • Constant display of the actual block temperature, for at-aglance assurance that the equipment is functioning correctly

Interchangeable blocks

The standard block accommodates 16mm Falcon tubes, as follows:

Dimensions l/w/h (mm) 140/65/75
Number of tubes 18
Hole (mm) 16.5
Hole depth (mm) 60

Alternatively you may request a special block to your own specification. Please specify the type of block you require.

Design features

  • Latching lid to keep the contents safe

  • Small for better portability

  • Comfortable carrying handle

  • Easy to clean case


  • An overtemperature cut-out prevents the temperature reaching 50C


Temperature range C Ambient +5 to 45
Temperature display Digital
Display resolution C 1
Stability in the tube C 0.1
Uniformity C 0.2
Heater power W 25
Heating rate ambient to 37C mins 60
Heat retention ambient 20C

internal battery power 37C

hrs 5

internal battery power 45C

hrs 4
Ambient temperature C 10 to 30
External dimensions (l/w/h) mm 304/235/280
Weight kg 9
Heating block (l/w/h) mm 140/65/75
Electrical power W 48W, 220-240V, 50Hz
Vehicle battery supply 12V DC W 24
Internal battery supply 12V AH 6.5
Overtemperature protection prevents the temperature from exceeding 50C
Case Stove-enamelled aluminium
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