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Monday, September 16th, 2019  
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Wet Film Thickness Wheel

An accurate gauge to check the wet film thickness of a paint film on application.This is a simple instrument which performs a very important job. The thickness of any paint film is a critical factor affecting the eventual performance of the finished scheme and must be carefully controlled. Too little paint will result ... more

 Applications-Specific Equipment
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Blood Warming Bath

Rapid infusion of cold blood in large quantities is known to increase the risk of cardiac arrest. This can greatly be reduced by infusing through a suitable, disposable, sterile heat-exchange coil placed in a Grant Blood-warming bath.

Blood at the required temperature is available more quickly than if bags or bottles themselves are warmed by immersion in warm water, and there is no risk of overheating the blood. A further advantage is that no more blood is used than is actually required.

The BW1 Blood-warming bath consists of a polypropylene tank a in plastic-coated steel outer case, with a clamp for attachment to drip stands between 12 and 30mm in diameter. The heater and the bulbs of the control thermostat and the safety cutout are in the base of the tank. They are covered by a perforated stainless steel tray which prevents the heatexchange coil from touching the heater. A dial thermometer indicates water temperature and a flat stainless steel lid is provided.

The pre-set temperature control is set to maintain water temperature at 37C. At low rates of blood flow, the outlet blood will be at approximately the same temperature as the bath. At higher flow rates, the outlet temperature will depend on the flow rate and the efficiency of the heat-exchange coil.

With blood at an initial temperature of 4C and using a Portex blood-warming coil, the outlet blood temperature will not fall below 32C as blood flows up to 100ml/min. The water in the bath warms up from 15C to 35C in less than 10 minutes.

Overtemperature protection

If the control system fails, an overtemperature cutout prevents transfused blood from reaching a temperature where haemolysis could take place. If the safety cutout operates, a warning buzzer sounds and the heater is switched off until the temperature has fallen and a manual reset button is pressed.


Temperature C 37 1
Overall dimensions l/w/d 340/180/200 mm (excluding clamp and lid handle)
Overtemperature protection Thermostat
Electrical power 220-240V 50/60 Hz, 460 W
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