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Specially designed ultrasonic transducer systems transform electric energy into mechanical vibrations. These are transmitted into the cleaning liquid. In this process, tiny vacuum bubbles the size of micrometres are created which implode with high velocity (cavitation). The highly energetic flows (jets) created by ... more

 Orbital Shaking Platform
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POS-300 Orbital Shaking Platform

The Grant-bio POS-300 microprocessor controlled orbital shaking platform is a versatile instrument for many general purpose shaking applications in chemical and life science laboratories.

The four interchangeable accessory platforms enable a wide choice of vessels to be used, including bottles, flasks and beakers, dishes, boxes and petri-dishes.

Operation may be continuous or timed, with the integral electronic timer ensuring accurate repeatability of time-sensitive incubations. Speed and time setting are straightforward and during operation the LCD status display clearly indicates both set and actual speed, plus set and elapsed time. An audible signal accompanies automatic switch-off to indicate the completion of a set time period.

The soft start feature ensures a smooth ramp up of the shaking speed, preventing an initial jolt which may be damaging to the vessel contents. The exceptionally quiet motor produces consistent and even shaking, with an orbit of 10mm.

  • Variable speed, flatbed rotator
  • Variable speed: 50 to 300 rpm
  • Orbit: 10mm
  • Integral timer, 1 min to 96 hours, with automatic switch-off
  • Interchangeable platforms for use with a variety of vessels
  • For loads up to 2.5kg
  • Low voltage power supply enables safe cold room operation
  • Operating ambient temperature range 4°C to 45°C, for use in a cold room or incubator
  • Low energy consumption


An accessory platform is required:
- PUP-12 universal platform, with adjustable bars dimensions w/d: 270/195mm
- PP-4  flat platform with non-slip rubber mat dimensions w/d: 219/219mm
- P12-100  platform with clamps for 12 x 100ml flasks / 150ml beakers dimensions w/d: 250/190mm
- P6-250  platform with clamps for 6 x 250ml flasks / 400ml beakers dimensions w/d: 250/190mm


Suitable for many different mixing applications in many different fields.


50 to 300 rpm
10 mm
Ambient temperature range
4 to 45 °C
Maximum load
2.5 kg
1 min to 96 hrs
Time setting resolution
1 min
Footprint (w/d)
265/250 mm
Height excl. platform
80 mm
Input voltage / type
12V / DC
Input current
0.5 A
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