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Monday, September 16th, 2019  
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 Squirrel SQ400 & SQ800 Series
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SQ 400 & SQ 800 Series

The Squirrel SQ400 and SQ800 are universal data loggers that reliably and accurately measure inputs from a wide range of sensors making them suitable for many different applications in Industry, Research, Science and Environmental Monitoring. The SQ400 and SQ800 can be used as portable meters, standalone data loggers or as PC based data acquisition systems.

Key Features

  • 4 or 8 Universal inputs avoids application redundancy, saving you money.
  • Direct connection of thermocouples, voltage, 4 to 20mA current, and thermistors.
  • Battery or mains operated and easily portable.
  • Simple 3 button set-up via built in display or from PC with free SquirrelView Software.
  • Non-volatile memory provides up to 2 million readings of secure data.
  • Time and date reported with each reading.
  • Readings can be scaled into meaningful engineering units (e.g. m/sec, ppm).
  • Low power consumption for long term unattended use or portable operation.
  • Sensor connection is via removable screw terminals for ease of use in the field.
  • Remote set-up and download via GSM, PSTN, radio or satellite modem links for ‘set & forget’ applications.
  • Ethernet option allows loggers to be sited anywhere you have a network port, making installation easier and more cost effective.

Standard Features

  • 12bit resolution.
  • Highly accurate ±(0.1% of reading, +0.2% of range span).
  • Up to 8 sensor power outputs.
  • 1 pulse count channel.
  • 8 event/digital channels.
  • External triggers can start and stop the logger.
  • Environmental operation: -30 to +65°C, 0 to 95%RH.
  • External power supply: 9 to 14Vdc (9V internal battery included).
  • Communications via RS232C with auto-baud detect.
  • Rapid memory download at 19.2 kbit/s.
  • Up to 99 logger 'runs' may be stored.
  • Alphanumeric display of 2 x 16 characters shows readings and status of logger.
  • Small size (lxwxh): 180x120x60mm.
  • SquirrelView set-up and download software.
  • Optional alarm features.


Powerful and easy to use spreadsheet style software for configuring, downloading, displaying and analysing data from your Squirrel data logger. Upgrade to SquirrelView Plus and with just a few mouse clicks you will quickly be able to view real time charts or historical data.You can also quickly download the data for use in your favourite spreadsheet, database or analysis program.

SquirrelView Plus allows you to display up to 30 channels of data, manual and automatic scaling of charts, list readings in tabular format with date and time. Ethernet and Modem connection is also supported.


  • Grant supply a full range including:
  • Weatherproof enclosure / carry case.
  • Tamperproof wall brackets.
  • Test & calibration certificates.
  • Wide range of temperature and humidity sensors.
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