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Saturday, January 19th, 2019  
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Polarimeter POLAX-2L

Polarimeter, which is known as an optical rotation meter, is an instrument to measure optical rotation of "optically active matter" such as saccharin, ascorbic acid and sodium glutamate. Model POLAX-2L Cat.No. 5223 Measurement Range Angle ... more

 Squirrel OQ606
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Paint Profilling Systems

Building on over 40 years experience in oven monitoring, the Grant Squirrel OQ606 Oven Logger is easy to use, more affordable, and offers greater flexibility for measuring the coating cure process within the paint and finishing industry.

The OQ606 can start recording or print results at the touch of a button, and with Paintwise software can be configured to your precise requirements.

Key Features

  • Built-in display and keypad for ease of use
  • Cure % calculated automatically and visible within the logger display
  • Direct connection to an A4 portable or desktop printer (PC not required)
  • Paintwise set-up and analysis software included with the logger
  • New 3 in 1 probes with clamp and magnet fasteners offer greater flexibility and quick response
  • Automatic triggers can be configured to start and stop logging
  • Fast sample rates, for short or fast oven process times up to 8 samples/s
  • Competitive price


Simple to use: Power up the logger, connect the thermocouples, place in the thermal barrier, start the logger, and pass through the oven.
Rapid pass/fail decisions: When the oven cycle is complete, check the Pass/Fail display, or connect the logger to a printer or PC for a graphical printout.
Reduced oven configuration time: Pinpoints uneven oven temperatures and reduces energy costs.
Increased production yield: Daily oven monitoring maintains high quality production.
Minimum downtime: Insight into oven performance teaches the operator how to quickly configure the oven to maximise production.
Simple record keeping: User-configurable, concise reporting simplifies record keeping and provides ISO 9000 quality records.

Thermal Barrier CI606-Q

Physical details Dimensions (lxwxh): 230x230x110mm Weight: 4kg
Grant offer a range of thermal barriers and new custom designs are also available.

Oven Temperature Probes

Key features include:

  • fast response, low thermal mass
  • used as surface or air probe or easily numbered and matched to corresponding channels
  • PTFE cable (3m) and miniature thermocouple plugs fitted
  • combined magnet and clamp fasteners

Grant offer a range of robust air and surface probes for accurate and reliable temperature measurement in ovens. Custom probes also available.

Paintwise Analysis Software

  • Storage of user settings on PC
  • Viewing of tabulated data
  • Plotting of graphs
  • Basic report function
  • Paint types and cure specs
  • Upper and lower thresholds
  • Cure calculation
  • Real time metering for test purposes
  • Export of data to ASCII format
  • Multi-lingual
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Squirrel OQ606 Temperature Logger
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