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Tuesday, July 07th, 2020  
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The 2016 Scale Loupe 15X offer a wide field of view (20 mm) with the magnifying of power 15X. By observing through the magnifier with the appropriate scale resting on the object to be examined, one can measure very easily and rapidly, the exact length, the angle between two straight lines, the radius of curvature of a ... more

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Mini-met Weather Station

The Mini-Met is a rugged, battery operated weather station for permanent installation or portable application. The system consists of a strong, weather-proof frame for mounting sensors and a Squirrel data logger in a weatherproof enclosure which will withstand severe weather conditions. Recorded data is retained for two years, even if power is lost.

Key Features

  • Weatherproof enclosure to withstand the rigours of severe climatic conditions.
  • Built-in Squirrel 1000 Series data logger.
  • Battery backup allows recorded data to be retained for up to two years even if power is completely lost to the data logger.
  • High performance sensors.

Accurate Sensor Measurements


Collected rain is measured by the well-proven tipping bucket method and the aerodynamic rainfall gauge has been designed by the Institute of Hydrology to minimise errors by presenting a reduced area to the wind.

Wind speed

The robust 3-cup anemometer, designed for permanent installations, is based on a sensor developed for the UK Ministry of Defence and calibrated to National Standards.

Solar radiation

The silicon diffused photocell is a compact sensor for solar energy measurements calibrated against precision reference thermocouple pyranometers in natural light conditions. The integral levelling device allows correct positioning of the sensor.

Soil temperature

This stainless steel probe uses a thermistor to achieve high accuracy.

Wind direction

Designed to withstand hurricane force winds, the windvane is specially balanced to turn in very light winds, and with bearings protected from moisture make it suitable for permanent exposure.

Relative humidity and air temperature

Equipped with an accurate thermistor sensor, and the latest Vaisala HUMICAPTM sensor, this probe provides high accuracy, excellent long-term stability and negligible hysteresis.

Atmospheric pressure

An absolute pressure sensor utilising the outstanding elasticity characteristics of single-crystal silicon, achieving excellent repeatability and long term temperature stability.

Applications include:

  • Environment
  • Industry
  • Research
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Construction...
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