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Saturday, January 19th, 2019  
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Paint-Out Starter Kit

Item PSK-1

Low cost, entry level kit for making commercial quality drawdowns. Designed for facilities such as paint stores and small labs, where experience with uniform film application is minimal. This kit provides all items needed to make paint-outs at practical film thicknesses, for samples or for ... more

 WTW inoLab
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inoLab® 720

Large, bright display, Easy-to-clean surface and simple operation

Simple and reliable measurements. Ideal for measuring pH and ORP, Oxygen, conductivity and temperature. A routine instrument at an excelent price.


All inoLab® function keys are well-laid-out. Automatic calibration and AutoRead functions ensure stable and reproducible results. The multifunction display for pH, oxygen, conductivity and temperature is large and easy to read.


Battery or AC power for maximum mobility. Battery power means the instrument is immediately ready for use and is not influenced by interferences.

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inoLab® 730
inoLab® 740/750

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