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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018  
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KFT Flex Durability Tester

The KFT is used for simulating a creasing strain to which flexible packaging materials may be subject during machine processing or during the packaging process. This user-friendly device can easily be used for all ASTM F-392 conditions. After the stress, the KFT sample may be tested for water vapour or gas permeability ... more

 WTW Vario
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NEW ... Vario

Clever ... Smart

simple measurements at your fingertip!
You notice it straight away: VARIO has no keys! Instead of it has an innovative touch screen: all functions can easily be called up and set – with one hand. A short fingertip touch on the display is enough – and the VARIO switches on itself.

Immersion in the solution starts the measurement automatically. Even very small volumes can be measured with the appropriate electrode.
Simply clever…

hand-held instrument with added value!

The VARIO can do even more. The adapters included in the accessories of the VARIO Set make the instrument compatible with all common precision electrodes. Even a separate temperature sensor can be connected.

If the DIN adapter is connected instead of the S7 adapter then the VARIO will function like a classical handheld meter. The key: the display can be turned through 180 degrees! This means that you are always in the picture, even with more complex measurements. The large and well-laid-out multifunction display simultaneously shows the measured value, temperature and the special functions that are currently activated. The VARIO also has the functions of a laboratory clock, with stopwatch and timer.
Simply smart…

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