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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018  
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Wet Abrasion Scrub Testers

These machines provide an accelerated method for determining the wear resistance of surface coatings and materials as well as testing the performance of cleaning compounds. The samples are prepared on card, metal, glass or plastic panels and a pair of brushes or sponges ( suitably dosed with liquid reagent) are swept ... more

 WTW Laboratory Oxygen Meters
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inoLab® Oxi 730

Compact and Communicative

Standard laboratory oxygen meter with large multifunctional display for routine use in laboratory. Automated functions such as air pressure correction, temperature compensation and OxiCal® rapid calibration make work easier. Datalogger, analog and digital output RS 232 as well as the optional built-in printer guarantee QA-conform documentation.

Features :

  • Simplified operator convenience
  • Easy-to-clean touch-sensitive keypad
  • Optional built-in printer

Technical Data & Ordering Information

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inoLab® Oxi 740
Technical Data & Ordering Information

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