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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018  
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 WTW Turbidity
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Turb 550 / Turb 550 IR ; Laboratory Turbidity Meter

The professional turbidity meter up to 1.000 NTU

Laboratory turbidty meter for nephelometric measurements with automatic 3-point calibration, RS 232 output, built-in real-time clock and calibration interval monitoring. Measuring range selection from 0.01 ... 1000 NTU is carried out automatically and for comparative measurements the current and previous values can be shown on the 2-line display.

Standard equipment includes instrument with built-in a hort operating instruction, 2 empty cuvette and 3 standards ( 0.02 - 10.0 - 1000 NTU, AMCOŽ standards with approval for drinking water as primary standard according to US EPA and according to EN ISO 7027)

an unpressurized flow-thru adapter is available for continous measurements.

Features :

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Turb 355 T / Turb 355 IR
Turb 555 / Turb 555 IR : Laboratory Turbidity Meter

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