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Friday, February 22nd, 2019  
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Digital Hand-held Condiment Meter PAL-98S

Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Condiment Meter PAL-98S is ideal for measuring the concentration of various condiments. Use it to measure soy sauce, ketchup, marinades, curry and many other sauces. Finding the relationship between the actual taste and the measurement value using the PAL-98S will help any chef ensure the best ... more

 WTW Laboratory Multi-Parameter Instrument
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inoLab® 720

Campact - Versatile - Easy-to-use

inoLab® pH/Cond 720 and inoLab® Multi 720

The routine instrument inoLab® pH/Cond 720 is favorably-priced model for initial processing of pH/Conductivity measurements. The inoLab® Multi 720 allows the measurement of pH and ORP, oxygen, conductivity and salinity as well as the temperature. Their large multifunction display means that they are suitable for standard measurements where GLP-ducumentation is not required.

Additional features :

  • Easy-to-clean touch-sensitive keypad
  • Simplified operator convenience
  • Bench and wall-mounted models
  • Mains-independent
  • Country-Specific units
  • Application-oriented displays

Ordering Information :

 inoLab® Multi-Parameter SETs -wide range power supply 100-240 VAC (50/60Hz) included Order No. with BNC plug Order No. with DIN plug
inoLab® Multi 720 Simple and reliable multi-parameter for routine work, including Sentix® 41/42, CellOx® 325, TetraCon® 325 and accessories 1F10-211711 1F10-111211

Technical Data

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inoLab® pH/ION/Cond 750
inoLab® 740

Techincal Data inoLab®

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