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Friday, February 23rd, 2018  
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Pressure Pyknometer Cup

This instrument is suitable for testing samples which may contain bubbles e.g. emulsion paints. The sample is compressed to 150 psi (10.3 bar) to reduce any significant errors due to these inclusions. Density is then calculated from the mass of the fluid and the calibrated volume of the cylinder. The cup is easy to use ... more

 WTW BOD self-check measurement
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BOD self-check measurement / Respiration / Biogas Determination

With OxiTop® and OxiTop® Control

Mercury-free measurement

Biochemical oxygen demand BOD determination is still one of the most important parameters in water resource management. It can be used to evaluate the impact of biodegradable substances in waters and waster water. With its OxiTop® systems, WTW offers a unique, modular and mercury-free instrument system. It is not only suitable for BOD determination, but also for measuring biodegradability and depletion.

The advantages of OxiTop® and OxiTop® Control: simple operation, improved controllability and non-toxicity, and measuring ranges of up to 400 000 mg/l BOD (with OxiTop® Control OC 110). As the measured pressure is automatically converted the values can be directly read as mg/l BOD.

  • Undiluted samples
  • AutoTemp function for delayed start of cold samples
  • Non-volatile memory of measured values

Application Range

OxiTop® OxiTop® Control OC 100 OxiTop® 110
Application BOD routine BOD routine, BOD standard BOD routine, standard and BOD special, Respiration/Dilution, Soil respiration, Biodegradability, Biogas determination
BOD range 0 – 4,000 mg/ l 0 – 4,000 mg/l 0 – 400,000 mg/l
Measured value memory 5 days 0.5 h – 99 days 0.5 h – 99 days
Pressure mode - - Pressure p 500 – 1.350 hPa
Sample volume Fixed Fixed Definable

OxiTop® Complete Sets

The complete packages have been assembled so that they contain everything necessary to carry out the measurements. The make up of each package depends on the application and varies by number of vessels, controllers and utensils for sample preparation.

Special stirring platforms were developed in order to maintain a constant temperature and guarantee optimum oxygen distribution in the sample. These stirrer platforms have space for either 6 or 12 standard bottles or 6 large vessels for special applications.

Applicable systems
OxiTop® IS 6 / IS 12
OxiTop® Control 6/12
Soil respiration
OxiTop® Control B6M / B6
OECD / aerobic applications
OxiTop® Control A6 / A12
OxiTop® Control S6 / S12
Biogas determination
OxiTop® Control AN 6 / AN 12
Microbial applications
OxiTop® Control AN 6 / AN 12
OxiTop® Control A6 / A12
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OxiTop® IS 6, IS 12
OxiTop® Control 6, OxiTop® Control 12
The Controller OC 100 and OC 110
OxiTop®-C Measuring Head

Accessories / Incubators
WTW BOD self-check measurement
WTW Depletion / Respiration
WTW Dilution BOD
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