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General Accessories BOD measurement

Testing Aids for the OxiTop® system for Quality Control

Two testing aids are available for monitoring measurement and checking system leakage, which can be called up during a corresponding time interval using the AQA function in the controller.

• OxiTop® PM

These calibration tablets simulate a complete BOD and perform quantitative monitoring of measurement (approx. 308 mg/l, batch-dependent) as well as checks for leakage over the entire period.

• OxiTop® PT

This testing aid performs a "quick" check for under-pressure and leakage. The OxiTop® contains the pressure table required for the individual place of installation. OxiTop®-C automatically includes these values.

Additional Accessories

• Storage racks

For safe storage of OxiTop® measuring systems and OxiTop®-C measuring heads, for 6 measuring heads each.

• Marking rings

For identification of BOD bottles for OxiTop® instruments.

• Overflow measuring flasks in different standard sizes for OxiTop®

Apart from the supplied 164 ml and 432 ml overflow measuring flasks contained in the standard scope of supply, the following sizes are also available: 22.7 ml, 43.5 ml, 97 ml, 250 ml, 365 ml.

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Accessories / Incubators
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