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Atago Automatic Refractometer SMART-1

The Brix, inverted sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup concentration can be measured in a range of 0.00 to 95.00% and with a high accuracy of ± 0.05% ! The SMART-1 has Automatic Temperature Compensation function. • Brix • Inverted sugar concentration • HFCS-55 ( High Fructose Corn Syrup ) • HFCS-42 ( High ... more

 WTW Depletion / Respiration
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Biogas Determination & Determination of the Respiration Rate

Biogas Determination

Determination of anaerobic degradation processes : Biogas determination

OxiTop® Control AN6 / AN12

Anaerobic degradation processes take place in the absence of oxygen. In order to be able to fill the gas space above the sample with inert gas the measuring bottle has a septum sealed nozzle. When anaerobic degradation has taken place the dissolved CO2 can be driven off and then removed form the gas space by means  of a CO2 absober. The resulting pressure difference is prportional to the CO2 concentration, the remaining overpressure is proportional to the methane concentratiion.

The degradation process can be confortably followed in the "pressure" operating mode.

Determination of the Respiration Rate

Microbiological growth and stress investigations : determination of the respiration rate (aerobic / anaerobic measuring operation)

OxiTop® Control AN6 / AN12 and A6 / A12

The use of special measuring bottles with a septum sealed nozzle allows the interference-free addition of subtrates and solutions.

Pressure alternation could indicate a reduction in oxygen concentration, for example, which could make the addition of oxygen or air necessary (posibly other gases as well).

It is possible to set a "warning pressure" or a pressure limit so that the operator can carry out manipulations on the system. The momentary pressure can be stored so that the manipulations is fully documented. The recording of measured values (max. 10 values) permit longterm measurement.

Ordering Information

Model Complete packages for microbiology Order No.
OxiTop®Control AN6 Package for aerobic or anaerobic applications with 6 x 1000 ml measuring places 208 225
OxiTop®Control AN12 Package for aerobic or anaerobic applications with 6 x 250 ml measuring places 208 227
  Complete packages for aerobic measurements  
OxiTop®Control A6 Package for aerobic applications with 6 x 1000 ml measuring places 208 220
OxiTop®Control A12 Package for aerobic applications with 6 x 250 ml measuring places 208 222
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Depletion / Respiration with OxiTop® Control OC 110
Determination of soil respiration
Determination of Biodegradability

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WTW BOD self-check measurement
WTW Depletion / Respiration
WTW Dilution BOD
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