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Monday, June 18th, 2018  
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Vacuubrand Rotary vane pumps RE 2.5

The one-stage pumps RE 2.5 are high-performance rotary vane pumps with extra compact design and low weight. They are the ideal solution for a wide range of laboratory and process applications that require low ultimate vacuum at medium gas flow rate. Performance features high flow rates even ... more

 WTW Depletion / Respiration
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Determination of soil respiration

Laboratory method for determining the microbial soil respiration according to

OxiTop® Control B6 / BM6

Simple, Cost-efficient, and Optimum measuring vessels for subsequent quantitative determination CO2

Soil respiration measurements are used for forecasting, surveying and checking remidiation work, for biodegradability measurements of substances (pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, etc.) as well as for carrying out toxicity tests.

This determination is possible with the OxiTop® Control System and special, practically-tested measuring vessels in a very accurate, simple and favorably-priced way.

The expenditure for personnel and apparatus is considerably reduced when compared with conventional methods. Soil respiration measurements can be carried out in 2 different types of vessel. For actively respiring soils with strong CO2 development the MG 1.0 measuring vessel is recommended : its large opening (approx. 3.9 in / 100 mm dia.) means that it can be easily used with large-volume CO2 absorber vessels for afterwards quantitative CO2 determination.

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Model Complete soil respiration package

Order No.

OxiTop® Control BM6 Package for soil respiration (aerobic) with 6 MG 1.0 measuring vessels, 1000 ml, with stopper adapters for OxiTop®-C 208 232
OxiTop® Control B6 Package for soil respiration (aerobic) with 6 PF 45/500 sample vessels, 500 ml, Duran and 6 OxiTop® AD/SK adapters, autoclavable 208 230
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Depletion / Respiration with OxiTop® Control OC 110

Determination of Biodegradability
Biogas Determination & Determination of the Respiration Rate

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WTW Depletion / Respiration
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