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Wednesday, April 24th, 2019  
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ESCO Airstream® Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets

Esco Airstream® Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet offers proven protection for your samples and processes. With over thousands of units in use worldwide, this model offers a sensible balance of quality, performance features and cost-effectiveness. Like all Esco cabinets this model features many key innovations for which ... more

 Vacuum gauges and controller
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Vacuum gauge DVR 2

Vacuum gauge
measuring range 1080 - 1 mbar
(rough vacuum)

  • digital/analogue display, easy to read
  • easy handling
  • battery operated
  • for variable use

The product

The VACUUBRAND DVR 2 is a fully electronic total pressure vacuum gauge for measurements in the range from atmospheric pressure to 1 mbar/1 Torr by means of an integrated capacitance pressure transducer. A KF small flange can be used to connect it directly to the vacuum system or it can be attached via a hose (series in hose nozzle as standard). The rugged electronic gauge provides reliable results which are easy to read. The DVR 2 is suitable for general purposes in the laboratory but it is also an instrument for the technician in industrial application. The reading is independent of the gas nature.

The particular advantages

  • compact electronic vacuum gauge with integrated pressure transducer for rough vacuum
  • reading independent of gas; precise, thermally stable pressure reading
  • digital pressure display enables precise readout
  • transducer made of alumina ceramics: high corrosion resistance
  • excellent long-time stability
  • automatic sleep mode (selectable time setting, factory setting: 15 min)
  • battery operated
  • user selectable vacuum units (Torr, mbar, hPa)

Technical data

Measuring range: 825 - 1 Torr, 1080 - 1 mbar (hPa)
Uncertainty of measurement: < +/- 1 Torr/mbar (after proper zero and atmospheric point setting)
Power supply: 9V lithium battery, 1.2 Ah, ultralife U 9 VL
Housing: robust plastic housing (PP) with high chemical resistance
Connection: small flange NW 16 and screw in nozzle for 6 / 10 mm I.D. hoses (made of PBT)
Standards applying: conformity with EMC
Dimensions (L x W x H): 116 x 116 x 66 mm (with small flange)
Mass: 0.4 kg
Items supplied: vacuum gauge with on/off switch, built-in 9V Lithium battery and instructions for use.

Ordering data

Vacuum gauge DVR 2
with built-in pressure transducer and digital and analogue display
Cat. No.
DVR 2 68 29 02
DKD calibration with first delivery (additional fee) 90 02 16
DKD recalibration (additional fee) 90 02 17
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