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Monday, June 17th, 2019  
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PTR-30 & PTR-60

The Grant-bio PTR-30 and PTR-60 multi-function rotators provide all that is required for thorough mixing of microtubes, for reproducible sample preparation: 360° vertical rotation reciprocal rotation, turning angle from 15° to 90° vibration, settable in a burst of 1 to 5 seconds 5 second pause ... more

 Vacuum gauges and controller
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Vacuum gauge DVR 4 / DVR 4S

Vacuum gauge measuring range1080 - 1 mbar
(rough vacuum)

II 1/2 G EEx ia IIC T5
ATEX-category 1/2

The product

The VACUUBRAND DVR 4 / DVR 4S is a fully electronic total pressure vacuum gauge with ATEX approval for the intended use in potentially hazardous areas (category 2, e.g. zone 1; measurement part category 1, e.g. zone 0). The integrated pressure transducer made of alumina ceramics is highly corrosion and overload resistant. Automatic sleep mode (selectable time setting, factory setting: 15 min) and user-selectable operating time provide long operating time for the battery-operated vacuum gauge.
The DVR 4 / DVR 4S is a rugged electronic vacuum gauge without sensitive mechanics suitable for use in the chemical industry, technology and process technology. The reading is independent of the nature of the gas.

The particular advantages

  • ATEX approval category 1/2, e.g. for use at zone 0
  • analogue display and digital precision: clear trend indication and easy to read
  • transducer made of alumina ceramics: high corrosion resistance, excellent long-time stability
  • fully electronic instrument, no sensitive mechanics
  • battery operated; long operating time: automatic sleep mode, user-selectable operating time, low battery indicator, exchangeable at hazardous area
  • reading independent of gas
  • digital calibration
  • user selectable vacuum units (Torr, mbar, hPa)
  • measuring results data transfer via current interface (DVR 4S) (4-20 mA)

Technical data:  DVR 4 / DVR 4S

Approval: ATEX approval II 1/2 G EEx ia IIC T5 for use at zone 0
Measuring principle: capacitive, independent of gas type
Pressure transducer: integrated into the unit, made of aluminiumoxide-ceramic
Measuring range: 810 - 1 Torr, 1080 - 1 mbar (hPa)
Uncertainty of measurement: < +/- 1 Torr/mbar (after proper zero and atmospheric point setting)
Temperature coefficient: < 0.07 mbar / K
Automatic sleep mode: user-selectable operating time (1 - 1000 min)
Operating temperature: + 10°C - + 40°C
Connection: small flange NW 16 and screw in nozzle for 6 / 10 mm I.D. hoses (made of PBT)
Housing: steady plastic housing (PP) with high chemical resistance
Power supply: built-in battery (BVE 9V, PTB 98 ATEX 2206, II 2 G EEx ia IIC T5)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 116 x 116 x 86 mm
Mass: 0.7 kg
Interface (DVR 4S): 4- 20 mA
Items supplied: vacuum gauge with on/off switch, built-in battery BVE 9V and instructions for use.

Ordering data

Vacuum gauge DVR 4 / DVR 4S
with built-in pressure transducer made of aluminiumoxide-ceramic
Cat. No.
DVR 4 68 29 04
DVR 4S (with interface) 68 29 05
DKD calibration with first delivery 90 02 16
Power supply unit BVE 9V 63 79 86
DKD recalibration 90 02 17
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