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Wednesday, December 12nd, 2018  
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Model H1K-S UTM

The 1kN (200 lbf) H1kS incorporates the latest advanced technology and quality engineering to give you the ultimate in durability, convenience, accuracy and ease of use. Powerful as a stand alone unit, the H1kS has capabilities that are enhanced by direct connection to a printer to produce a high resolution graph and ... more

 Moisture Meter Agricultural
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Accessories for Protimeter Grainmaster I

Moisture and Temperature Probe for Grainmaster I

The Moisture and Temperature Probe (the largest shown in the photo) is available for use with the Grainmaster I moisture meter for monitoring and quality control functions. The probe is 1.5m in length and is calibrated for wheat, barley, oats, oilseed rape, peas, beans and linseed.

Protimeter Bale Probe for Grainmaster I

The Protimeter Bale Probe is designed to measure the moisture content in bales of hay and straw. The probe is made from strong durable stainless steel and is 600 mm long to reach the centre of large bales.


  • Readout: Used in conjunction with the Protimeter Grainmaster i.
  • Probe Dimensions: 600mm long x 10mm diameter.
  • Measurement range: 9% - 40% (guidence only above 30%)

Protimeter Fast Response Probe for Grainmaster I

The Protimeter Fast Response Probe measures temperature of grain in store, when used in conjunction with the Grainmaster i.

The probe is 1 metre in length, and it provides the user rapid assessment throughout the grain store which is essential for ACCS purposes.

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Grainmaster I with Probe
Digital Balemaster
Protimeter Grainmaster

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