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Monday, June 17th, 2019  
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pH Meter

The new HI-991000 offers IP 67 waterproof protection in a compact casing and is loaded with features that will simplify daily testing requirements. The 4-in-1 HI-292D glass pH electrode included with the meter has a built-in temperature sensor so that no additional temperature probe is required. It also contains a mini ... more

 Protimeter Humilog Data Logger
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Humilog Data Logger

The Humilog BLD4100 data logger may be used to monitor the ERH and/or WME measurements of a slab over time. The user sets up the unit to take and store measurements at the required time interval, and then places it in the building for the duration of monitoring period. The data is then downloaded to a PC for analysis, where it can be presented in both tabular and graphical forms.

  • Humilog is useful for monitoring slab drying rates and predicting when it may be safe to lay a decorative floor covering
  • Humilog may be used with Hygrostick sensors, WME electrodes and surface temperature sensors
  • Humidity boxes and/or humidity sleeves may be used with the Humilog

Additionally, the Humilog software automatically calculates the dewpoint temperature. This unique function, when coupled with a surface temperature measurement, is useful when diagnosing or monitoring condensation events in homes, public buildings and storage environments.

Logged data may be downloaded to a PC in tabular and graphical form for analysis. The example illustrates how the Humilog is used to confirm the occurrence of condensation by monitoring humidity, air and surface temperature. Condensation occurs when the surface temperature falls below the dewpoint, as shown by the bottom two curves.

Typical Humilog applications include:
  • Environmental monitoring in buildings
  • Condensation risk assessment and diagnosis
  • Monitoring the drying rates of damp walls and floors in new constructions
  • Flood damage management
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