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Monday, October 22nd, 2018  
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DUROmaster hardness tester

The New DUROmaster range of pocket durometers allow reliable hardness determinations to be made quickly and effectively. They are available in two versions, Shore A & Shore D, for the measurement of plastic, rubber and similar materials. Incorporating a clear visible display and a rubber hand grip for ease of use the ... more

 Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Elmasonic X-Tra
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Elmasonic X-tra 50H Ultrasonic Cleaner Bath


  • Long lifespan through new cavitation-resistant stainless steel, with extended
  • Warranty for 3 years.
  • Sweep - for optimal sound distribution because of electrical oscillation of the sound field.
  • Powerful through additional transducer systems
  • Strong heating power for a short heat up time, dry-running-proof
  • 2 cleaning modes, Powerclean for intensive cleaning, Softclean for careful cleaning of sensitive materials
  • Fast drainage, with welded pipes
  • Protected operating panel
  • Practical handling through appliance inlet

Technical Data

Dimensions 360 x 205 x 300 mm
Casing stainless steel
Drainage yes 3/8
Tank capacity 4,5 L
Effective volume 3,5 L
Voltage 115V/230V
Ultrasonic frequency 5,1 A/2,6 A
Working frequency 35 kHz
US-Power intensity switch 100/160 W
US peak output max. 2 x 320 W/per
Sweep yes
Heating 20 - 80 C adjustable 400 W
Timer 0 - 15 min. and continuous yes
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