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Thursday, March 21st, 2019  
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 Taber Multi-Media Abraser
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TABER® Multi-Media Abraser - Model 5500

The TABER® Multi-Media Abraser - Model 5500 enables you to perform particle abrasivity testing.

The Multi-Media Abraser provides a reproducible method to measure the abrasivity of various mediums. Using this instrument, you can determine the relative abrasiveness of fluids, powders, pastes and semi-solids. Or, characterize how these mediums cause wear when they come in contact with different components.


The TABER® Multi-Media Abraser is available as a separate attachment or pre-mounted on a single or dual Taber Abraser.

The medium to be tested is placed in a specimen-testing dish that contains a stainless steel wear disc. As the dish rotates, an integral drive shaft operates a set of gears and turns the spline shaft. At the base of the shaft is a pin holder with three (3) hi-grade brass pins that rotate in the opposite direction of the specimen dish. As the powder, fluid or semi-solid flows between the brass pins and stainless steel, the material acts as an abrasive and causes wear. Measuring the weight loss of the brass pins provides an accurate comparison of abrasion rates of different media.

To test a wide range of material viscosities, both load and pin holder speed are adjustable. The standard testing load on the brass pins can be varied from 250g to 1,000g (in 250g increments). Optional weight discs can bring the maximum load to 2,500g. The speed of the specimen-testing dish is dependent on the model Taber Abraser that is being used - either 60 rpm with 230V models or 72 rpm with 115V models. By changing the gearing, the speed of the pin holder can be altered.

Color Code Gear Set-up Drive : Driven Ratio Pin Holder
RPM (115V)
Pin Holder
RPM (230V)
Orange Standard 0.9 : 1 65 54
Yellow Reversed 1 : 0.9 80 67
Red (optional) Standard 0.6 : 1 42 35
Green (optional) Reversed 1 : 1.7 123 103

Using the template provided, custom pins or wear discs can also be fabricated. Substituting materials in your specific application will help you to understand the wear characteristics.

  • Multi-Media Attachment - Model 5500 [part# 985500]
  • Single Head Multi-Media Abraser (115V, 60Hz) - Model 5530 [part# 985530]
  • Single Head Multi-Media Abraser (230V, 50Hz) - Model 5531 [part# 985531]
  • Dual Head Multi-Media / Rotary Abraser (115V, 60Hz) - Model 5550 [part# 985550]
  • Dual Head Multi-Media / Rotary Abraser (230V, 50Hz) - Model 5551 [part# 985551]
  • Dual Head Multi-Media Abraser (115V, 60Hz) - Model 5552 [part# 985552]
  • Dual Head Multi-Media Abraser (230V, 50Hz) - Model 5553 [part# 985553]
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