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Sunday, May 26th, 2019  
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inoLab® pH/ION 735 & inoLab® pH/ION 740

inoLab® pH/ION 735 pH, mV and Concentration Measurements with a single Instrument Whether precise routine measurements or demanding analysis : the new pH/ION 735 is ideal instrument for all uses. Agraphical user interface makes high-resolution pH and ion measurement easy and confortable. 5-point calibration for pH and up ... more

 Taber Balances
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The Series 10K Balances are precise weighing devices, which are 100% made in the USA. Each model is microprocessor controlled with an exclusive real time temperature compensation algorithm to ensure accurate, reproducible results regardless of ambient temperature variations.

These balances are ideal for research and development, production control, quality control, process control, general weighing purposes, and many other applications.


Every Series 10K model is a precise weighing device incorporating an impressive list of standard features. This advanced Series incorporates a unique and unequalled displacement detector, which results in a ten-fold increase in performance. All Series 10K top loading balances are microprocessor controlled with Scientech’s exclusive real time temperature compensation algorithm. This revolutionary internal software yields accurate, reproducible results without the need to recalibrate your balance as the ambient temperature varies.

  • GLP/GMP/ISO compatibility
  • Automatic calibration programs
  • RS232 data interface with selectable baud rates up to 19,200
  • Automatic zero tracking
  • Automatic system checkout sequencing
  • Built-in security bracket
  • Stability indicator - the balance tells you when the reading is valid, insuring reliable results
  • Percent weighing - by selecting the CAL mode, you are able to weigh a sample in percent in order to easily determine percent moisture loss, percent solids, or compounding by percent
  • Capacity tracker - this dynamic graphical display automatically depicts the used and unused portions of your weighing range
  • Below balance weighing for specific gravity determination
  • Microprocessor control
  • Exclusive real time temperature compensation software
  • Parts counting - use for piece counting
  • Check weighing - similar to a go/no go weight gauge, the balance tells you if your sample weight is too high, too low or OK
  • User selectable vibration filtering - this feature authorizes you to select a filter setting (low for vibration free to high for more adverse conditions) best suited to your task
  • Floating Tare™ (dual range models only) - used with autoranging, Floating Tare provides low range readability throughout the entire high range capacity of the balance
  • Autoranging (dual range models only) - enables dual range models to switch ranges automatically

Each balance presents a choice of different standard units of measure: grams (g), carats (ct), ounces (oz) and troy ounces (ozt). A custom weight register is ideal for basis weight, milligram (mg), pounds or any weight per unit area measurement.

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