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Monday, June 18th, 2018  
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MASTER series Refractometer (Automatic Temperature Compensation) MASTER-3T

MASTER-3T is high-range model (measurement range Brix 58.0 to 90.0%) of the MASTER-T. The MASTER-3T is suited for use with food products of high sugar content such as malt, honey, jam, marmalade, etc. It is an Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) model. The Master-3T is a good alternative choice when the water ... more

 Sheen Coating Thickness - Dry Film
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The latest in a line of small integrated and external probe instruments for quick simple inspection applications. All six models are fitted as standard with statistical evaluation and a large menu driven display ensures ease of use.

Total memory capacity is 90 readings and high and low limits can be set. The range is 0-2mm. Six models are available.


  • Entirely new: Exacto the ideal gauge for portable coating thickness measurement
  • Compact design for one-hand operation
  • User friendly menu operation
  • Ready for use
  • Integrated probe
  • New: Calibration foils and standards are stored safely in gauge housing
  • Non-destructive measurement of all non-magnetic coatings on steel ( e.g. paint, chrome ) and all insulating coatings on non-ferrous metals ( e.g. paint on aluminium, anodising )
  • Dual version FN: automatically adjusts to the correct substrate metal : ferrous/non-ferrous
  • Manual preselection of the substrate available
  • Infra Red interface for connecting to MiniPrint or PC
  • Display with backlight
  • Monitoring of tolerances through limit setting and alarm signal
  • Statistical evaluation: single value and block statistics
  • Data memory for up to 90 single readings

Technical Data

Gauge type Substrate type Measuring range Minimum substrate thickness Minimum measuring area
Exacto F Ferrous 0 3000mm / 120 mils 0.5 mm / 20 mils 20mm / 0.8"
Exacto N Non Ferrous 0 2000mm / 80mils 50mm / 2 mils As above
Exacto FN Ferrous / Non Ferrous 0 2000mm / 80mils As above for F / N types As above
Tolerance: Ambient temperature:
( 2 mm + 3% of reading ) 0 - 50C / 32 122F
( 0.08 mils + 3% of reading )
Resolution in the lower range: 0.1mm / 0.04 mils Dimensions :
165 mm x 44 mm x 38 mm
Minimum curvature radius: 6.3" x 1.7" x 1.5"
convex: 5mm / 0.2 "
concave: 32mm / 1.4" at the edges Weight:
60mm / 2.4" in the middle of an object to be measured approx: 200g / 7oz
Measuring unit: Data memory:
Selectable metric / imperial 90 readings or 45 block values
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