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 Sheen Coating Thickness - Dry Film
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Paint Inspection Gauge


Direct measurement of the total coating thickness or individual coatings eg. a primer and top coat. Measurements on virtually any substrate are possible; aluminium, steel, plastic, wood, concrete or glass.

Substrate condition, coating adhesion, microscopic cracking, brittleness, blistering and intercoat adhesion can also be measured using the built-in 50 x illuminating microscope.

Principle of Operation

A tungsten carbide cutting tool is used to incise a small precise 'V'-shaped groove through the coating and into the substrate. The V-groove is viewed through the microscope and measured using an optical scale.


The body of the P.I.G. is cast from aluminium and contains a microscope, a lamp and the groovecutting bit. Two legs extend from the unit on the same side as the cutting bit and are used as stabilizers when making the incision. The microscope (SOx) has built-in measurement scale with major graduations in 20 microns.

The instrument is supplied complete with three cutting tips, a fibre tip pen, extra batteries and bulb.

Cutting Tip Maximum Coating Thickness Precision 1 Division on Scale Represents 
1x 1250mm ±6mm 20mm
2x 500mm ±3mm 10mm
10x 75mm ±0.6mm 2.0mm

Measurement Procedure

The measurement principle is based on the geometry of the incision.

  1. Select a test panel or a site for thickness measurement.
  2. Using an appropriate marker pen draw a line on the test surface.
  3. Grasp the gauge and rest the studs and cutting tip on the test surface at right angles to the marked line.
  4. Draw the gauge across the paint film, increasing the pressure until the cutting tip just cuts into the substrate.
  5. Take readings at the intersection of the marked line and incision. The tip cuts one 'sharp' edge and one jagged edge. Measure using the optical scale from the sharp edge of the incision to the next paint layer or substrate.
  6. The actual coating thickness is obtained by multiplying the observed optical value by the scale (having regard for the cutting tip used).


Complies with ASTM D 4138 -Method A; DIN 50986; BS3900 part C5/ISO 2808 Method 5


Ref. Description
Ref.202/PIG Paint Inspection Gauge including 3 cutting tips, batteries, pen and carry case.
Spare Cutters  
Ref. 202/PIG/11 1 x cutting tip
Ref. 202/PIG/12 2 x cutting tip
Ref. 202/PIG/13 10 x cutting tip
Ref. 202/PIG/H Cutting tip holder.
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