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Tuesday, August 11st, 2020  
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Digital Ultrasonic Units T 840DH and T 910DH

For 18 L and 28 L Capacity

Powerful compact units with digital technology and broad beam sandwich transducer systems. Particularly good for cleaning tasks in the laboraty and in the medical, research and technology sectors. User-friendly programming by ergonomic design. Exact adjustment of cleaning ... more

 Sheen Corrosion Control
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SOLARmaster UV Cabinets

The New SOLARmaster range of UV Weathering Test Cabinets incorporate the latest in filtered Xenon light technology to ensure consistency and repeatability in the simulation of realistic natural outdoor weathering conditions.

The cabinets, comprising of four different models, allow complete configurational flexibility in order to ensure that the environmental conditions specified in ASTM, ISO, SAE, CEN, DIN, BS, UNI and all other international test standards are precisely met.

The larger models of the SOLARmaster cabinets, the 3000 series, have been specifically designed for the testing of 3 dimensional objects and finished manufactured products. This facility, which is of increasing demand, is generally available only in very expensive Xenon test systems.


  • Light source air cooled Xenon lamp - lifetime 1500 hours
  • Irradiance control displayed and adjusted automatically compensating for lamp and filter ageing
  • Radiant heat continuously monitored by integrated Black Standard Thermometer ( E models also control )
  • Programmable timer for test times to 999 hours
  • Flooding system available for simulation of moisture and rain in conjunction with UV

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Payne Permeability Cup
Pinhole / Holiday Detectors

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