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Our steriliser S complies with all relevant standards and regulations for medical products and guarantees reliable programme sequences, irrespective of the load and chamber volume. The validation of a Memmert hot air steriliser is possible anytime, as our exemplary process ... more

 Sheen Corrosion Control
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FOGmaster, Salt Spray Cabinets

FOGmaster salt & FOGmaster salt pro

These cabinets remain the most popular choice for checking the corrosion resistance of surface coatings when exposed to a salt laden environment.

They are particularly useful when used for comparative testing in quality control laboratories. Here samples from a production process can be tested and the results compared against reference standards. Any problem in the production process will therefore become quickly apparent.

Every FOGMASTER salt spray cabinet features an all plastic salt spray atomiser with integral filter to minimise blockage. The rate of salt solution delivery to the atomiser is user adjustable, enabling the salt spray fall-out rates within the cabinet to be precisely controlled, in accordance with international test standards.

The cabinet is heated by maintenance free heater mats and controlled by a precision digital temperature controller. The test temperature is user adjustable from ambient to +50°C for steady state control. Alternatively ‘Prohesion’ and ‘Intermittent’ options are available for automatic temperature/time cycling.

Sheen FOGMASTER salt spray cabinets have the following additional features:

  • Large capacity salt solution reservoir for long term unattended testing.
  • Fully adjustable salt spray fall-our rates to comply with international test standards.
  • For maximum flexibility, the cabinet air saturator (bubble tower) can either be topped up with water by hand, or topped up automatically from pressurised water supply.
  • An air purge is fitted as standard which can be used to expel corrosive salt spray from the cabinets interior prior to opening.
  • Conforms to most international standards.

Feature for FOGMASTER salt pro only :

  • Condensation Humidity test. This test requires an elevated isothermal temperature and high humidity (95% - 100% RH).
  • Intermittent test. This test comprises of an automatic cycle of salt spray followed by a high humidity dwell at a single elevated isothermal temperature.
  • Prohesion® test. This test comprises of an automatic cycle of salt spray at ambient temperature, followed by air drying at an elevated temperature.

Ordering Information

Code No. Description

Salt Spray Cabinet - Capacity 1000 Litres


Salt Spray Cabinet - Capacity 450 Litres


Salt Spray Cabinet - Capacity 120 Litres


Salt Spray Pro Cabinet - Capacity 1000 Litres


Salt Spray Pro Cabinet - Capacity 450 Litres


Salt Spray Pro Cabinet - Capacity 120 Litres

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