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Wednesday, November 20th, 2019  
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 Sheen Corrosion Control
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FOGmaster, Cyclic Corrosion Cabinets

The FOGMASTER cyclic corrosion cabinets can be used to combine the effects of salt spray testing with condensation humidity testing and air drying, to create a realistic ‘cocktail’ of corrosive atmospheres.

Exposing test samples to such atmospheres can be a good indicator of likely performance in the real world. The FOGMASTER cyclic corrosion cabinet range is therefore particularly useful in predicting the life expectancy of surface coatings and as such is a valuable research and development tool.

FOGMASTER cyclic corrosion cabinets are fully programmable for maximum flexibility. The salt spray, humidity and air drying modes of operation can be programmed to occur in any combination and for any duration. So, for example Prohesion ® testing can easily be undertaken within a standard FOGMASTER cyclic corrosion cabinet.

Features :

  • Fully adjustable salt spray fall out rates to comply with international test standards.
  • Digital microprocessor based programme/controller with 10 programme memory capacity.
  • Capable of performing Prohesion ® tests (ASTM G85 annex A5) & Intermittent tests (ASTM G85 annex A3) as standard.
  • RS 232 computer communication ports provided as standard.
  • An air purge is fitted as standard which can be used to expel corrosive salt spray from the cabinet interior prior to opening.
  • Controlled Humidity enables the humidity to be set and controlled at levels lower than 100% RH. Actual humidity levels achieved are dependant upon cabinet temperature.

Ordering Information

Code No. Description
FMC1000 Cyclic Corrosion Cabinet - Capacity 1000 Litres
FMC450 Cyclic Corrosion Cabinet - Capacity 450 Litres

Cyclic Corrosion Cabinet - Capacity 120 Litres

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