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Bench Glossmeter

Ideally suited for gloss measurement on a variety of flat or curved surfaces - painted, ceramic, laquered, mirror and paper. Various shapes, large or small can be measured on this range of bench glossmeters.

The flat top allows large components to be accurately placed on the Glossmeter for measurement, the optional footswitch leaving both hands free to manoeuvre the samples. Small samples can be accurately positioned over the orifice area for measurement by using the alignment marks provided on the platform.

The liquid crystal display shows clearly the gloss value obtained along with full statistical information at the touch of a button. This information can be immediately downloaded to a printer.

A batch facility is available for users where measurements are taken on different products or at different times for later comparison.

Features :

  • Simple to use - all information for use displayed on screen.
  • Automatic calibration takes less than two seconds to complete.
  • Calibration standard is mounted in a protective aluminium casing which locates on the glossmeter platform. The calibration standard assembly also prevents dust entering the instrument when not in use.
  • General paint and mirror finishes can be measured at 60° up to 1000 gloss units - (Ref 157/60 and Ref 157/SO models only).
  • LCD display clearly shows readings, statistics and calibration procedure status.
  • Memory holds last reading and statistics after automatic power down. When instrument is switched on again the last reading is displayed.
  • Up to 4000 readings are stored in memory.
  • Instrument is powered by mains / built in rechargeable battery.
  • Glossmeter powers down automatically after 20 seconds to conserve battery life or recharge batteries when connected to mains power.
  • Lamp life is extended as it is only illuminated for a second whilst a reading is taken.
  • Alignment guides are available at time of order for locating test samples.
  • RS232 output facility is provided to download information to either printer or computer in ASCII format English/French language is standard.
  • An optional remote footswitch is available to facilitate glossmeter operation if sampling requires both hands free for test piece manouvering.
  • Batch facility is available as standard equipment on Ref. 157/SO (optional for Ref. 157/60, 20-60 & 75°).
  • Mains supply voltage – 110/220V 50/60 Hz.

Ordering Information

Code No. Description
157/20-60° 20° and 60° for general purpose use.
157/60 60° angle for general purpose use, autoranging for measurement of mirror gloss.
157/75 75° glossmeter designed for the paper industry, complies to TAPPI T.480 OM-90.
157/SO 60° small orifice glossmeter model specifically designed for measuring small components and autoranging for measuring mirror gloss finishes.
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