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Monday, June 17th, 2019  
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MULTI 350i, ConOx and Multi Parameter Probe MPP350

Multi functional, high degree of Accuracy

Multi 350i Multi-functional with the highest degree of accuracy, flexible, for universal use : the new Multi 350i. A Multi for all your requirements : pH, ORP, oxygen, conductivity, ISE, everything with a single pocket instrument. Up to 4 parameters ... more

 Sheen Opacity
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Black and White Cryptometer

Simple and rapid test method to determine opacity in terms of hiding and spreading powers. Used both for production and quality control purposes. The Cryptometer is called for in product specifications and test methods which accept the limitation that the wet film and not the dry coating has been measured.


  • Supplied with protective case and 2 top plates
  • Select from the following top plate constants

Ordering Information

Code No. Description

Cryptometer with K004 & K008 plates


Cryptometer with K002 & K007 plates


Extra top plate K=0035

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Sheen - Opac

Hiding Power Charts

Sheen Abrasion
Sheen Coating Thickness - Dry Film
Sheen Coating Thickness - Wet Film
Sheen Colour - Hand Held
Sheen Colour - Liquid
Sheen Colour - Visual
Sheen Corrosion Control
Sheen Dispersion
Sheen Environmental Monitoring
Sheen Film Application
Sheen Gloss
Sheen Graphic Arts - Densitometry
Sheen Hardness - Adhesion - Impact
Sheen Miscellaneous
Sheen Moisture Measurement
Sheen Opacity
Sheen Orange Peel - DOI
Sheen Temperature - Process Monitoring
Sheen Viscosity
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