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Sunday, June 07th, 2020  
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Blood Warming Bath

Rapid infusion of cold blood in large quantities is known to increase the risk of cardiac arrest. This can greatly be reduced by infusing through a suitable, disposable, sterile heat-exchange coil placed in a Grant Blood-warming bath. Blood at the required temperature is available more quickly than if bags ... more

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ELMA Elmasonic S-series Ultrasonic Cleaner

The New ultrasonic cleaning units made by ELMA, Elmasonic S - the sum of all possibilities

The Elma Ultrasonic cleaning units have been known for decades for their excellent quality and high performance. All over the world, thousands of our Transsonic ultrasonic units are being used for the most difficult cleaning tasks and have established the good reputation of the ELMA technology.

Today, we are pleased to be able to introduce to you our new series of ultrasonic cleaning unit ELMASONIC S available in 13 different sizes. Elmasonic S replaces the Transsonic units T310 up to T1060 (1 to 90 litre, approx. 0.2 to 23.8 gal.). The Transsonic series will still be produced till the end of 2004 and naturally, we will keep the relevant spare parts available for you for the next 10 years.

Our long-term experience, the findings of our fundamental research and the demands of our customers have led us into developing the new generation of ultrasonic units. The result is the latest ultrasonic unit series Elmasonic S. With it we are ready to set a new standard :

  • Microprocessor-controlled, self-regulating generator
  • Electronic diode display for time and temperature control
  • Autostart temperature-controlled / temperature pre-selection
  • Autodegas / Degas for quick degassing of liquids
  • Sweep for an improved cleaning performance
  • Safety switch-off
  • Drain duct on the back of the unit ergonomically arranged to be operated from the side

These features allow better, quicker and more even cleaning results combined with an improved operating ease. In spite of this "quantum jump" of the technology we are pleased to tell you that the prices will remain the same. And another thing still applies : Made by Elma in Germany.

The units of the new Elmasonic S series have passed all field tests and will be ready for delivery in mid November 2004. During the initial phase we expect a temporarily prolonged delivery period of approximately 3 weeks. We recommend you to take the opportunity and place your order well in advance so you will be among the first to be able to supply your customers with our new units.

For detail technical information about Elmasonic S, click here

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