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Monday, June 17th, 2019  
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Timesaving and precise sieve analysis procedures can be performed with the Retsch software EasySieve. The results are presented as printed protocol and are also available in electronic form. Due to the fact that the software communicates with sieving machine and scale the software is able to automatically perform the ... more

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Kit PAH for Soil Analysis

Fast & field measurement of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

A growing concern
Soil assessment and remediation markets are expanding in industrial countries, as soil protection has become a major issue of the environmental policies. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) are considered as priority pollutants since some of them are expected to be carcinogens. PAHs are formed during the incomplete burning of coal, oil and gas, or other organic substances. Many industrial sites are contaminated by PAHs.

An unsatisfied need
Investigation of contaminated soils, assessment of treatment processes and environmental monitoring of remediated soils require screening many samples. Laboratory analyses (liquid or gas chromatography) are expensive, time consuming and the procedures are not suitable for field conditions. Moreover immunoassay field tests give only qualitative or semi-quantitative results. That's why there was a lack of fast PAH quantification kit in the market.

A new solution
SECOMAM has designed in conjunction with TOTAL and the Alès School of Mines a simple, fast, accurate and portable method for field PAH quantification. Based on the UV spectrophotometric analysis of a soil organic extract, the PAH concentration is estimated on site within 20 minutes. It refers to the 16 PAHs included in the US Environmental Protection Agency Priority Pollutants List. The detection limit is 20 mg/kg. Furthermore a treatability index informs on the biodegradability of contaminants.
A validation study carried out on several contaminated soils from different origins shows a very good correlation between the UV field method and the standard laboratory methods.
The PAH kit comes complete with all materials required to implement 20 tests. A consumables kit for 20 additional tests is available upon request from SECOMAM.

Time and money savings compared to laboratory analyses
On site and at a lower cost, the PAH kit allows to diagnose in 20 minutes a PAH soil contamination, to point out the polluted area precisely and to sort contaminated lands for treatment. It can be used also to follow up rehabilitation works and to survey the natural attenuation into a PAH contaminated soil.

Case features
2 mL disposable transfer pipets* (40)
20 mL graduated flasks with stoppers (4)
50 mL beakers (2)
60 mL bottle for desiccant
60 mL bottles with screw caps (4)
150 mL mortar with its pestle
1 L bottle for organic solvent
1 L bottle for waste recovery
1 electronic pocket balance
1 spatula
1 syringe filter
20 disposable syringes*
20 glass microfiber filters*
500-mesh sieve with its receiver pan
1 L of acetonitrile (organic solvent)*
70 g of sodium sulfate anhydrous (desiccant)*

UV analyzer
Portable, works on AC or battery power with 100 measurements autonomy.
Provided with quartz cuvet, cell holder, bottle brush and optical cleaning paper.

User’s guide
In French or English with detailed protocol and safety recommendations.

Ordering information
70MP0421 P.A.H. kit
70MP0441 Consumables kit
 Printable Version (View: 1928 | Print: 650)

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