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Sunday, June 07th, 2020  
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IVF Cabinet

Esco IVF cabinet is a specially modified vertical laminar flow cabinet with the following features : 99.999% ULPA-filtered vertical laminar flow in the work zone providing a sterile work area Special heated work surface Optional provisions for microscope mounting Esco Airstream® Vertical Laminar Flow ... more

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RADWAG Micro Balance

MXA series of balances has been designed to meet high requirements for measuring small masses with high readability (d = 1 µg). They are equipped with graphic display with extended user menu. In order to guarantee proper accuracy of measurements, has been applied automatic system of calibration.

Microbalance consists of two components. One of them contains electronic modules, and the other precise mechanical measuring system. Such solution guarantees elimination of temperature changes influencing the indication of the micro balance.

Microbalances series MXA are offered with three capacities: 5g, 11g and 21 g (with readability 1 µg.). Balances are equipped with esthetic, cylindrical shaped weighing chamber with glass draught shield. All elements of the weighing chamber are manufactured from glass or metal which minimalizes the influence of electrostatic charges on weighing result. Microbalance is equipped with user friendly menu. User has access to multiple functions and measuring units which allow for specification of working requirements. Microbalance software allows for composition of GLP procedures as standard printout or as freely definable non-standard printout. Balance series MXA is equipped with RS 232, PS/2 output and possibility of connecting additional display as standard

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WTW Spectroflex 6100 and WTW Spectroflex 6600
Digital Hand-held Refractometer PEN-PRO
Digital Hand-Held Refractometer PEN-URINE S.G
ATAGO Refractometer MASTER-PM
ATAGO Refractometer The MASTER-Pα

Sherwood Scientific's Products - Flame Photometer
SECOMAM Spectrophotometer
WTW System 182 IQ SENSOR NET Family
WTW pHotoFlex, the most outstanding portable photometers
WTW 350i, new Multiparameter Instrument

New Products
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